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Amaranthus retroflexus

Aslak NedregĂ„rd ©.

Spinacia oleracea

"Espinacas" by Herbolario Allium via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Amaranthoideae (Add)
Gen. Amaranthus
Amaranthus acanthobracteatus (Add)
Amaranthus acanthochiton (Add)
Amaranthus acutilobus (Add)
Amaranthus adulterinus (Add)
Amaranthus aeneus (Add)
Amaranthus albiflorus (Add)
Amaranthus albus (Add)
Amaranthus anderssoni (Add)
Amaranthus anderssonii (Add)
Amaranthus aragonensis (Add)
Amaranthus arenicola (Add)
Amaranthus artineanus (Add)
Amaranthus ascendens (Add)
Amaranthus asplundii (Add)
Amaranthus atropurpureus (Add)
Amaranthus aureus (Add)
Amaranthus australis (Add)
Amaranthus bahiensis (Add)
Amaranthus bigelovii (Add)
Amaranthus blitoides (Add)
Amaranthus blitum (Add)
Amaranthus bracteosus (Add)
Amaranthus brandegei (Add)
Amaranthus brasiliensis (Add)
Amaranthus brisbanii (Add)
Amaranthus brownii (Add)
Amaranthus californicus (Add)
Amaranthus campestris (Add)
Amaranthus canariensis (Add)
Amaranthus cannabinus (Add)
Amaranthus capensis (Add)
Amaranthus capitatus (Add)
Amaranthus caracasanus (Add)
Amaranthus cararia (Add)
Amaranthus cardenasianus (Add)
Amaranthus carneus (Add)
Amaranthus carolinae (Add)
Amaranthus caturus (Add)
Amaranthus caudadtus (Add)
Amaranthus caudatus (Add)
Amaranthus celosioides (Add)
Amaranthus cernuus (Add)
Amaranthus chihuahensis (Add)
Amaranthus chihuahuensis (Add)
Amaranthus chipendalei (Add)
Amaranthus clementii (Add)
Amaranthus cochleitepalus (Add)
Amaranthus coesius (Add)
Amaranthus commutatus (Add)
Amaranthus congestus (Add)
Amaranthus crassipes (Add)
Amaranthus crispus (Add)
Amaranthus crocatus (Add)
Amaranthus cruentus (Add)
Amaranthus cuspidifolius (Add)
Amaranthus deflexus (Add)
Amaranthus desfontanii (Add)
Amaranthus diacanthus (Add)
Amaranthus dinteri (Add)
Amaranthus dioicus (Add)
Amaranthus divaricatus (Add)
Amaranthus dubius (Add)
Amaranthus edulis (Add)
Amaranthus fatine (Add)
Amaranthus filicaulis (Add)
Amaranthus fimbriatus (Add)
Amaranthus floridanus (Add)
Amaranthus furcatus (Add)
Amaranthus galii (Add)
Amaranthus giganteus (Add)
Amaranthus glomeratus (Add)
Amaranthus graecizans (Add)
Amaranthus grandiflorus (Add)
Amaranthus greggii (Add)
Amaranthus haughtii (Add)
Amaranthus hungaricus (Add)
Amaranthus hybridus (Add)
Amaranthus hypochondriacus (Add)
Amaranthus interruptus (Add)
Amaranthus kloosianus (Add)
Amaranthus leptostachyus (Add)
Amaranthus lepturus (Add)
Amaranthus leucanthus (Add)
Amaranthus linearis (Add)
Amaranthus lombardoi (Add)
Amaranthus looseri (Add)
Amaranthus macrocarpus (Add)
Amaranthus major (Add)
Amaranthus mangostanus (Add)
Amaranthus margaritae (Add)
Amaranthus microphyllus (Add)
Amaranthus miniatus (Add)
Amaranthus minimus (Add)
Amaranthus mitchelli (Add)
Amaranthus mitchellii (Add)
Amaranthus moquini (Add)
Amaranthus morosus (Add)
Amaranthus muricatus (Add)
Amaranthus nettii (Add)
Amaranthus obcordatus (Add)
Amaranthus pallidiflorus (Add)
Amaranthus palmeri (Add)
Amaranthus paolii (Add)
Amaranthus paraguayensis (Add)
Amaranthus parisiensis (Add)
Amaranthus parodii (Add)
Amaranthus parvulus (Add)
Amaranthus persimilis (Add)
Amaranthus peruvianus (Add)
Amaranthus polychroa (Add)
Amaranthus polyflagellus (Add)
Amaranthus polygamus (Add)
Amaranthus polygonoides (Add)
Amaranthus polystachyus (Add)
Amaranthus powellii (Add)
Amaranthus praetermissus (Add)
Amaranthus pringlei (Add)
Amaranthus probstii (Add)
Amaranthus pumilus (Add)
Amaranthus pycnostachys (Add)
Amaranthus quitensis (Add)
Amaranthus retroflexus

Amaranthus rosengurttii (Add)
Amaranthus roxburghianus (Add)
Amaranthus ruber (Add)
Amaranthus rubricaulis (Add)
Amaranthus ruebelii (Add)
Amaranthus rugulosus (Add)
Amaranthus scandens (Add)
Amaranthus scariosus (Add)
Amaranthus schinzianus (Add)
Amaranthus sclerantoides (Add)
Amaranthus scleropoides (Add)
Amaranthus spinosus (Add)
Amaranthus spiratus (Add)
Amaranthus splendens (Add)
Amaranthus squamulatus (Add)
Amaranthus standleyanus (Add)
Amaranthus tamariscinus (Add)
Amaranthus tamaulipensis (Add)
Amaranthus tarraconensis (Add)
Amaranthus tenuifolius (Add)
Amaranthus tenuis (Add)
Amaranthus thunbergii (Add)
Amaranthus tliellungianus (Add)
Amaranthus torreyi (Add)
Amaranthus tortuosus (Add)
Amaranthus tricolor (Add)
Amaranthus tuberculatus (Add)
Amaranthus tucsonensis (Add)
Amaranthus ulinei (Add)
Amaranthus undulatus (Add)
Amaranthus urceolatus (Add)
Amaranthus venulosus (Add)
Amaranthus vernus (Add)
Amaranthus viridis (Add)
Amaranthus viscidulus (Add)
Amaranthus vulgatissimus (Add)
Amaranthus watsonii (Add)
Amaranthus wrightii (Add)
Amaranthus zanensis (Add)
Betoideae (Add)
Beteae (Add)
Gen. Beta (Add)
Beta campanulata (Add)
Beta chilensis (Add)
Beta corolliflora (Add)
Beta intermedia (Add)
Beta lomatogona (Add)
Beta macrocarpa (Add)
Beta macrorhiza (Add)
Beta nana (Add)
Beta palonga (Add)
Beta patula (Add)
Beta rubra (Add)
Beta trigyna (Add)
Beta trigynia (Add)
Beta vulgaris (Add)
Hablitzieae (Add)
Gen. Aphanisma (Add)
Aphanisma blitoides (Add)
Gen. Hablitzia (Add)
Hablitzia tamnoides (Add)
Gen. Oreobliton (Add)
Oreobliton cardosoi (Add)
Oreobliton thesioides (Add)
Gen. Patellifolia (Add)
Patellifolia patellaris (Add)
Patellifolia procumbens (Add)
Patellifolia webbiana (Add)
Chenopodioideae (Add)
Archiatriplex (Add)
Atriplex (Add)
Atriplex sect. Atriplex (Add)
Atriplex sect. Teutliopsis (Add)
Atripliceae (Add)
Gen. Exomis (Add)
Exomis microphylla (Add)
Gen. Extriplex (Add)
Extriplex californica (Add)
Extriplex joaquinana (Add)
Gen. Grayia (Add)
Grayia arizonica (Add)
Grayia brandegeei (Add)
Grayia plummeri (Add)
Grayia spinosa (Add)
Gen. Halimione (Add)
Halimione sect. Halimione (Add)
Halimione pedunculata (Add)
Halimione sect. Halimus (Add)
Halimione portulacoides (Add)
Halimione verrucifera (Add)
Gen. Holmbergia (Add)
Holmbergia exocarpa (Add)
Holmbergia tweedii (Add)
Gen. Manochlamys (Add)
Manochlamys albicans (Add)
Gen. Microgynoecium (Add)
Microgynoecium tibeticum (Add)
Gen. Proatriplex (Add)
Proatriplex pleiantha (Add)
Gen. Stutzia (Add)
Stutzia covillei (Add)
Stutzia dioica (Add)
Axyrideae (Add)
Gen. Axyris (Add)
Axyris amaranthoides (Add)
Axyris amaranthoidos (Add)
Axyris caucasica (Add)
Axyris ceratoides (Add)
Axyris hybrida (Add)
Axyris koreana (Add)
Axyris moorcroftiana (Add)
Axyris pamirica (Add)
Axyris pentandra (Add)
Axyris prostrata (Add)
Axyris sphaerosperma (Add)
Axyris triflora (Add)
Axyris villosa (Add)
Gen. Ceratocarpus (Add)
Ceratocarpus arenarius (Add)
Ceratocarpus maritimus (Add)
Ceratocarpus salinus (Add)
Ceratocarpus turkestanicus (Add)
Ceratocarpus utriculosus (Add)
Gen. Krascheninnikovia (Add)
Krascheninnikovia arborescens (Add)
Krascheninnikovia ceratoides (Add)
Krascheninnikovia compacta (Add)
Krascheninnikovia eversmanniana (Add)
Krascheninnikovia fruticulosa (Add)
Krascheninnikovia lanata (Add)
Krascheninnikovia lutens (Add)
Krascheninnikovia pungens (Add)
Chenopodieae (Add)
Gen. Baolia (Add)
Baolia bracteata (Add)
Gen. Micromonolepis (Add)
Micromonolepis pusilla (Add)
Dysphanieae (Add)
Gen. Cycloloma (Add)
Cycloloma atriplicifolium (Add)
Gen. Dysphania (Add)
Dysphania congolana (Add)
Dysphania minuata (Add)
Dysphania sect. Adenois (Add)
Dysphania ambrosioides (Add)
Dysphania andicola (Add)
Dysphania anthelmintica (Add)
Dysphania burkartii (Add)
Dysphania chilensis (Add)
Dysphania dunosa (Add)
Dysphania multifida (Add)
Dysphania oblanceolata (Add)
Dysphania retusa (Add)
Dysphania sooana (Add)
Dysphania tomentosa (Add)
Dysphania venturii (Add)
Dysphania sect. Botryoides (Add)
Dysphania botrys (Add)
Dysphania dissecta (Add)
Dysphania graveolens (Add)
Dysphania mandonii (Add)
Dysphania nepalensis (Add)
Dysphania procera (Add)
Dysphania pseudomultiflora (Add)
Dysphania schraderiana (Add)
Dysphania sect. Dysphania (Add)
Dysphania glandulosa (Add)
Dysphania glomulifera (Add)
Dysphania kalpari (Add)
Dysphania littoralis (Add)
Dysphania plantaginella (Add)
Dysphania platycarpa (Add)
Dysphania rhadinostachya (Add)
Dysphania simulans (Add)
Dysphania sphaerosperma (Add)
Dysphania valida (Add)
Dysphania sect. Orthospora (Add)
Dysphania carinata (Add)
Dysphania cristata (Add)
Dysphania melanocarpa (Add)
Dysphania pumilio (Add)
Dysphania pusilla (Add)
Dysphania saxatilis (Add)
Dysphania truncata (Add)
Dysphania sect. Roubieva (Add)
Dysphania bonariensis (Add)
Dysphania microcarpa (Add)
Dysphania stellata (Add)
Gen. Suckleya (Add)
Suckleya suckleyana (Add)
Gen. Teloxys (Add)
Archiatriplex nanpinensis (Add)
Teloxys aristata (Add)
Spinacieae (Add)
Gen. Chenopodium (Add)
Chenopodium bonus-henricus (Add)
Chenopodium californicum (Add)
Chenopodium capitatum (Add)
Chenopodium foliosum (Add)
Gen. Monolepis (Add)
Monolepis asiatica (Add)
Monolepis nuttalliana (Add)
Monolepis spathulata (Add)
Monolepis trifida (Add)
Gen. Scleroblitum (Add)
Scleroblitum atriplicinum (Add)
Gen. Spinacia (Add)
Spinacia oleracea

Spinacia tetrandra (Add)
Spinacia turkestanica (Add)
Gomphrenoideae (Add)
Salicornioideae (Add)
Salsoloideae (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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