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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Ord. Nymphaeales -->


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Gen. Barclaya (Add)
Barclaya kunstleri (Add)
Barclaya longifolia (Add)
Barclaya motleyi (Add)
Barclaya rotundifolia (Add)
Gen. Euryale (Add)
Euryale ferox (Add)
Gen. Nuphar (Add)
Nuphar sect. Astyla (Add)
Nuphar advena (Add)
Nuphar polysepala (Add)
Nuphar sagittifolia (Add)
Nuphar variegata (Add)
Nuphar sect. Nuphar (Add)
Nuphar japonica (Add)
Nuphar lutea

Nuphar microphylla (Add)
Nuphar pumila (Add)
Gen. Nymphaea (Add)
Nymphaea subg. Anecphya (Add)
Nymphaea alexii (Add)
Nymphaea atrans (Add)
Nymphaea carpentariae (Add)
Nymphaea georginae (Add)
Nymphaea gigantea (Add)
Nymphaea immutabilis (Add)
Nymphaea macrosperma (Add)
Nymphaea subg. Brachyceras (Add)
Nymphaea ampla (Add)
Nymphaea caerulea (Add)
Nymphaea capensis (Add)
Nymphaea colorata (Add)
Nymphaea divaricata (Add)
Nymphaea elegans (Add)
Nymphaea gracilis (Add)
Nymphaea guineensis (Add)
Nymphaea heudelotii (Add)
Nymphaea malabarica (Add)
Nymphaea micrantha (Add)
Nymphaea minuta (Add)
Nymphaea nouchali (Add)
Nymphaea ovalifolia (Add)
Nymphaea pulchella (Add)
Nymphaea stuhlmannii (Add)
Nymphaea sulphurea (Add)
Nymphaea thermarum (Add)
Nymphaea togoensis (Add)
Nymphaea subg. Confluentes (Add)
Nymphaea elleniae (Add)
Nymphaea hastifolia (Add)
Nymphaea ondinea (Add)
Nymphaea violacea (Add)
Nymphaea subg. Hydrocallis (Add)
Nymphaea amazonum (Add)
Nymphaea belophylla (Add)
Nymphaea conardii (Add)
Nymphaea gardneriana (Add)
Nymphaea glandulifera (Add)
Nymphaea jamesoniana (Add)
Nymphaea lasiophylla (Add)
Nymphaea lingulata (Add)
Nymphaea novogranatensis (Add)
Nymphaea oxypetala (Add)
Nymphaea potamophila (Add)
Nymphaea prolifera (Add)
Nymphaea rudgeana (Add)
Nymphaea tenerinervia (Add)
Nymphaea subg. Lotos (Add)
Nymphaea lotus (Add)
Nymphaea petersiana (Add)
Nymphaea pubescens (Add)
Nymphaea subg. Nymphaea (Add)
Nymphaea sect. Chamaenymphaea (Add)
Nymphaea leibergii (Add)
Nymphaea pygmaea (Add)
Nymphaea tetragona (Add)
Nymphaea sect. Nymphaea (Add)
Nymphaea alba

Nymphaea odorata (Add)
Nymphaea sect. Xanthantha (Add)
Nymphaea mexicana (Add)
Gen. Victoria (Add)
Victoria amazonica

Victoria cruziana (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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