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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> asterids --> Ord. Cornales -->


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Hydrangeoideae (Add)
Hydrangeeae (Add)
Gen. Broussaisia (Add)
Broussaisia arguta (Add)
Gen. Cardiandra (Add)
Cardiandra alternifolia (Add)
Gen. Decumaria (Add)
Decumaria barbara (Add)
Decumaria sinensis (Add)
Gen. Deinanthe (Add)
Deinanthe bifida (Add)
Gen. Dichroa (Add)
Dichroa febrifuga (Add)
Gen. Hydrangea (Add)
Hydrangea anomala (Add)
Hydrangea arborescens (Add)
Hydrangea aspera (Add)
Hydrangea bretschneideri (Add)
Hydrangea candida (Add)
Hydrangea caudatifolia (Add)
Hydrangea chinensis (Add)
Hydrangea chungii (Add)
Hydrangea cinerea (Add)
Hydrangea coacta (Add)
Hydrangea coenobialis (Add)
Hydrangea davidii (Add)
Hydrangea dumicola (Add)
Hydrangea gracilis (Add)
Hydrangea heteromalla (Add)
Hydrangea hirta (Add)
Hydrangea hypoglauca (Add)
Hydrangea integrifolia (Add)
Hydrangea involucrata (Add)
Hydrangea kawakamii (Add)
Hydrangea knowltonii (Add)
Hydrangea kwangsiensis (Add)
Hydrangea kwangtungensis (Add)
Hydrangea lingii (Add)
Hydrangea linkweiensis (Add)
Hydrangea longifolia (Add)
Hydrangea longipes (Add)
Hydrangea macrocarpa (Add)
Hydrangea macrophylla (Add)
Hydrangea mangshanensis (Add)
Hydrangea paniculata (Add)
Hydrangea petiolaris (Add)
Hydrangea quercifolia (Add)
Hydrangea radiata (Add)
Hydrangea robusta (Add)
Hydrangea sargentiana (Add)
Hydrangea scandens (Add)
Hydrangea seemannii (Add)
Hydrangea serrata (Add)
Hydrangea serratifolia (Add)
Hydrangea stenophylla (Add)
Hydrangea strigosa (Add)
Hydrangea stylosa (Add)
Hydrangea sungpanensis (Add)
Hydrangea xanthoneura (Add)
Hydrangea zhewanensis (Add)
Gen. Pileostegia (Add)
Pileostegia subansiriana (Add)
Pileostegia tomentella (Add)
Pileostegia viburnoides (Add)
Gen. Platycrater (Add)
Gen. Schizophragma (Add)
Schizophragma amplum (Add)
Schizophragma choufenianum (Add)
Schizophragma corylifolium (Add)
Schizophragma crassum (Add)
Schizophragma fauriei (Add)
Schizophragma hsitaoiana (Add)
Schizophragma hydrangeoides (Add)
Schizophragma hypoglaucum (Add)
Schizophragma integrifolium (Add)
Schizophragma macrosepalum (Add)
Schizophragma megalocarpum (Add)
Schizophragma molle (Add)
Schizophragma obtusifolium (Add)
Philadelpheae (Add)
Gen. Carpenteria (Add)
Carpenteria californica (Add)
Gen. Deutzia (Add)
Deutzia albida (Add)
Deutzia aspera (Add)
Deutzia baroniana (Add)
Deutzia bomiensis (Add)
Deutzia breviloba (Add)
Deutzia calycosa (Add)
Deutzia cinerascens (Add)
Deutzia compacta (Add)
Deutzia coreana (Add)
Deutzia coriacea (Add)
Deutzia corymbosa (Add)
Deutzia crassidentata (Add)
Deutzia crassifolia (Add)
Deutzia crenata (Add)
Deutzia cymuligera (Add)
Deutzia discolor (Add)
Deutzia esquirolii (Add)
Deutzia faberi (Add)
Deutzia glabrata (Add)
Deutzia glauca (Add)
Deutzia glaucophylla (Add)
Deutzia glomeruliflora (Add)
Deutzia gracilis (Add)
Deutzia grandiflora (Add)
Deutzia hamata (Add)
Deutzia heterophylla (Add)
Deutzia hookeriana (Add)
Deutzia hypoglauca (Add)
Deutzia longifolia (Add)
Deutzia maximowicziana (Add)
Deutzia mollis (Add)
Deutzia monbeigii (Add)
Deutzia muliensis (Add)
Deutzia multiradiata (Add)
Deutzia nanchuanensis (Add)
Deutzia ningpoensis (Add)
Deutzia obtusilobata (Add)
Deutzia parviflora (Add)
Deutzia pilosa (Add)
Deutzia pulchra (Add)
Deutzia purpurascens (Add)
Deutzia rehderiana (Add)
Deutzia rubens (Add)
Deutzia scabra (Add)
Deutzia schneideriana (Add)
Deutzia setchuenensis (Add)
Deutzia silvestrii (Add)
Deutzia squamosa (Add)
Deutzia staminea (Add)
Deutzia subulata (Add)
Deutzia taibaiensis (Add)
Deutzia taiwanensis (Add)
Deutzia uniflora (Add)
Deutzia wardiana (Add)
Deutzia yunnanensis (Add)
Deutzia zhongdianensis (Add)
Gen. Fendlerella (Add)
Fendlerella utahensis (Add)
Gen. Kirengeshoma (Add)
Kirengeshoma koreana (Add)
Kirengeshoma palmata (Add)
Gen. Philadelphus (Add)
Philadelphus argyrocalyx (Add)
Philadelphus caucasicus (Add)
Philadelphus cordifolius (Add)
Philadelphus coronarius (Add)
Philadelphus coulteri (Add)
Philadelphus delavayi (Add)
Philadelphus grandiflorus (Add)
Philadelphus henryi (Add)
Philadelphus hirsutus (Add)
Philadelphus incanus (Add)
Philadelphus inodorus (Add)
Philadelphus kansuensis (Add)
Philadelphus karwinskyanus (Add)
Philadelphus keteleeri (Add)
Philadelphus laxus (Add)
Philadelphus lewisii (Add)
Philadelphus magdelenae (Add)
Philadelphus mexicanus (Add)
Philadelphus microphyllus (Add)
Philadelphus nepalensis (Add)
Philadelphus pekinensis (Add)
Philadelphus pubescens (Add)
Philadelphus purpurascens (Add)
Philadelphus satsumanus (Add)
Philadelphus schrenkii (Add)
Philadelphus sericanthus (Add)
Philadelphus shikokianus (Add)
Philadelphus subcanus (Add)
Philadelphus tenuifolius (Add)
Philadelphus tomentosus (Add)
Gen. Whipplea (Add)
Whipplea modesta (Add)
Jamesioideae (Add)
Gen. Fendlera (Add)
Fendlera rupicola (Add)
Gen. Jamesia (Add)
Jamesia americana (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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