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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Brassicales -->


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Gen. Apophyllum (Add)
Gen. Atamisquea (Add)
Gen. Bachmannia (Add)
Gen. Belencita (Add)
Gen. Boscia (Add)
Gen. Buchholzia (Add)
Gen. Buhsia (Add)
Gen. Cadaba (Add)
Gen. Capparis (Add)
Capparis acuminata (Add)
Capparis acutifolia (Add)
Capparis admirabilis (Add)
Capparis aegyptia (Add)
Capparis afzelii (Add)
Capparis albitrunca (Add)
Capparis amazonica (Add)
Capparis amplissima (Add)
Capparis amygdalifolia (Add)
Capparis amygdalina (Add)
Capparis angulata (Add)
Capparis angustifolia (Add)
Capparis antanossarum (Add)
Capparis antonensis (Add)
Capparis apetala (Add)
Capparis aphylla (Add)
Capparis apubifolia (Add)
Capparis asperifolia (Add)
Capparis assamica (Add)
Capparis atamisquea (Add)
Capparis aurantioides (Add)
Capparis avicennifolia (Add)
Capparis bangii (Add)
Capparis bangweolensis (Add)
Capparis barcellonensis (Add)
Capparis bequaertii (Add)
Capparis bhamoensis (Add)
Capparis biloba (Add)
Capparis blanchetii (Add)
Capparis bodinieri (Add)
Capparis borneensis (Add)
Capparis brasiliana (Add)
Capparis brassii (Add)
Capparis brenesii (Add)
Capparis brevipes (Add)
Capparis brevis (Add)
Capparis brevisiliqua (Add)
Capparis brevispina (Add)
Capparis calciphila (Add)
Capparis cantoniensis (Add)
Capparis cartilaginea (Add)
Capparis cerasifolia (Add)
Capparis chinensis (Add)
Capparis chingiana (Add)
Capparis chiriquensis (Add)
Capparis chrysomeia (Add)
Capparis citrifolia (Add)
Capparis clara (Add)
Capparis clutiaefolia (Add)
Capparis coccolobifolia (Add)
Capparis copelandii (Add)
Capparis cordata (Add)
Capparis corymbifera (Add)
Capparis corymbosa (Add)
Capparis crotonantha (Add)
Capparis crotonoides (Add)
Capparis cuatrecasana (Add)
Capparis cuneata (Add)
Capparis cuneiformis (Add)
Capparis cuspidata (Add)
Capparis cynophallophora (Add)
Capparis dahi (Add)
Capparis dasyphylla (Add)
Capparis decidua (Add)
Capparis detonsa (Add)
Capparis didymobotrys (Add)
Capparis discolor (Add)
Capparis diversifolia (Add)
Capparis domingensis (Add)
Capparis duchesnei (Add)
Capparis ecuadorica (Add)
Capparis eichleriana (Add)
Capparis elegans (Add)
Capparis emarginata (Add)
Capparis erythrocarpos (Add)
Capparis eucalyptifolia (Add)
Capparis falcata (Add)
Capparis fascicularis (Add)
Capparis fengii (Add)
Capparis ferruginea (Add)
Capparis filipes (Add)
Capparis flanaganii (Add)
Capparis flexicaulis (Add)
Capparis floribunda (Add)
Capparis fohaiensis (Add)
Capparis formosana (Add)
Capparis frondosa (Add)
Capparis furfuracea (Add)
Capparis gaelata (Add)
Capparis gaudichaudiana (Add)
Capparis gibbosa (Add)
Capparis glandulosa (Add)
Capparis gonavaiensis (Add)
Capparis grandidiera (Add)
Capparis grandipetala (Add)
Capparis grandis (Add)
Capparis grisebachii (Add)
Capparis guaguaensis (Add)
Capparis guayaquilensis (Add)
Capparis gueinzii (Add)
Capparis hainanensis (Add)
Capparis hastata (Add)
Capparis hastigera (Add)
Capparis henryi (Add)
Capparis herbacea (Add)
Capparis hereroensis (Add)
Capparis heterophylla (Add)
Capparis hexandra (Add)
Capparis heydeana (Add)
Capparis heyneana (Add)
Capparis himalayensis (Add)
Capparis holliensis (Add)
Capparis humblotii (Add)
Capparis humilis (Add)
Capparis hypericoides (Add)
Capparis hypoleuca (Add)
Capparis incana (Add)
Capparis indica (Add)
Capparis inermis (Add)
Capparis intermedia (Add)
Capparis isthmensis (Add)
Capparis izabalana (Add)
Capparis jacobinae (Add)
Capparis jamaicensis (Add)
Capparis kanehirai (Add)
Capparis karwinskiana (Add)
Capparis kerrii (Add)
Capparis khuamak (Add)
Capparis kikuchii (Add)
Capparis koi (Add)
Capparis laeta (Add)
Capparis lanceolaris (Add)
Capparis lanceolata (Add)
Capparis langlassei (Add)
Capparis langmaniae (Add)
Capparis lankesteri (Add)
Capparis lasiantha (Add)
Capparis lasiopoda (Add)
Capparis laurifolia (Add)
Capparis laurina (Add)
Capparis leprieurii (Add)
Capparis leptophylla (Add)
Capparis leucophylla (Add)
Capparis liangii (Add)
Capparis linearis (Add)
Capparis lineata (Add)
Capparis lobbiana (Add)
Capparis lundellii (Add)
Capparis lutaoensis (Add)
Capparis luzonensis (Add)
Capparis macrocarpa (Add)
Capparis macrophylla (Add)
Capparis malmeana (Add)
Capparis maroniensis (Add)
Capparis masaikai (Add)
Capparis mattogrossensis (Add)
Capparis mayana (Add)
Capparis membranacea (Add)
Capparis membranifolia (Add)
Capparis micracantha (Add)
Capparis millei (Add)
Capparis mirifica (Add)
Capparis mitchellii (Add)
Capparis mollicella (Add)
Capparis mollis (Add)
Capparis moonii (Add)
Capparis muco (Add)
Capparis mucronata (Add)
Capparis multiflora (Add)
Capparis nectaria (Add)
Capparis nemorosa (Add)
Capparis neriifolia (Add)
Capparis nitida (Add)
Capparis oblongata (Add)
Capparis oblongifolia (Add)
Capparis obovatifolia (Add)
Capparis odoratissima (Add)
Capparis olacifolia (Add)
Capparis oleoides (Add)
Capparis oligostema (Add)
Capparis oliveriana (Add)
Capparis orthacantha (Add)
Capparis osmantha (Add)
Capparis ovalifolia (Add)
Capparis ovata (Add)
Capparis oxysepala (Add)
Capparis pachaca (Add)
Capparis palawanensis (Add)
Capparis palmeri (Add)
Capparis paludosa (Add)
Capparis panamensis (Add)
Capparis panduriformis (Add)
Capparis paradoxa (Add)
Capparis parviflora (Add)
Capparis pauciflora (Add)
Capparis pendula (Add)
Capparis petelotii (Add)
Capparis petiolaris (Add)
Capparis pittieri (Add)
Capparis polyantha (Add)
Capparis polymorpha (Add)
Capparis portoricense (Add)
Capparis pringlei (Add)
Capparis prisca (Add)
Capparis pruinosa (Add)
Capparis pseudocacao (Add)
Capparis puberula (Add)
Capparis pubiflora (Add)
Capparis pubifolia (Add)
Capparis pulcherrima (Add)
Capparis pumila (Add)
Capparis punctata (Add)
Capparis pyracantha (Add)
Capparis quina (Add)
Capparis quiriguensis (Add)
Capparis radiatiflora (Add)
Capparis reflexa (Add)
Capparis retusa (Add)
Capparis richardii (Add)
Capparis rosanowiana (Add)
Capparis rosea (Add)
Capparis rothii (Add)
Capparis roxburghii (Add)
Capparis rudatisii (Add)
Capparis sabiaefolia (Add)
Capparis salicifolia (Add)
Capparis sandwichiana (Add)
Capparis sarmentosa (Add)
Capparis scabrida (Add)
Capparis scheffleri (Add)
Capparis schunkei (Add)
Capparis schunkoides (Add)
Capparis sciaphila (Add)
Capparis sclerophylla (Add)
Capparis securidacea (Add)
Capparis sepiaria (Add)
Capparis sessilis (Add)
Capparis siliquosa (Add)
Capparis sinaica (Add)
Capparis sinclairii (Add)
Capparis sola (Add)
Capparis solanoides (Add)
Capparis speciosa (Add)
Capparis spinosa (Add)
Capparis sprucei (Add)
Capparis srilankensis (Add)
Capparis stenophylla (Add)
Capparis stenosepala (Add)
Capparis steyermarkii (Add)
Capparis stuhlmannii (Add)
Capparis subbiloba (Add)
Capparis subglabra (Add)
Capparis subsessilis (Add)
Capparis subtenera (Add)
Capparis subtomentosa (Add)
Capparis surinamensis (Add)
Capparis swinhoei (Add)
Capparis tarapotensis (Add)
Capparis tenera (Add)
Capparis tenuifolia (Add)
Capparis tenuisiliqua (Add)
Capparis thonningii (Add)
Capparis tomentosa (Add)
Capparis tonduzii (Add)
Capparis torulosa (Add)
Capparis transvaalensis (Add)
Capparis trichocarpa (Add)
Capparis trichopoda (Add)
Capparis triflora (Add)
Capparis zeylanica (Add)
Gen. Cladostemon (Add)
Gen. Crateva (Add)
Gen. Dactylaena (Add)
Gen. Dipterygium (Add)
Gen. Euadenia (Add)
Gen. Maerua (Add)
Gen. Morisonia (Add)
Gen. Niebuhria (Add)
Gen. Podandrogyne (Add)
Gen. Puccionia (Add)
Gen. Quadrella (Add)
Gen. Ritchiea (Add)
Gen. Steriphoma (Add)
Gen. Thilachium (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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