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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> Ord. Caryophyllales -->


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Gen. Antenoron (Add)
Eriogonoideae (Add)
Gen. Acanthoscyphus (Add)
Gen. Afrobrunnichia (Add)
Gen. Antigonon (Add)
Gen. Aristocapsa (Add)
Gen. Brunnichia (Add)
Gen. Centrostegia (Add)
Gen. Chorizanthe (Add)
Gen. Coccoloba (Add)
Gen. Dedeckera (Add)
Gen. Dodecahema (Add)
Gen. Eriogonum (Add)
Gen. Gilmania (Add)
Gen. Goodmania (Add)
Gen. Gymnopodium (Add)
Gen. Harfordia (Add)
Gen. Hollisteria (Add)
Gen. Johanneshowellia (Add)
Gen. Knorringia (Add)
Gen. Lastarriaea (Add)
Gen. Leptogonum (Add)
Gen. Mucronea (Add)
Gen. Nemacaulis (Add)
Gen. Neomillspaughia (Add)
Gen. Oxytheca (Add)
Gen. Podopterus (Add)
Gen. Pterostegia (Add)
Gen. Ruprechtia (Add)
Gen. Sidotheca (Add)
Gen. Stenogonum (Add)
Gen. Symmeria (Add)
Gen. Systenotheca (Add)
Gen. Triplaris (Add)
Polygonoideae (Add)
Fagopyreae (Add)
Eskemukerjea (Add)
Fagopyrum (Add)
Gen. Fagopyrum sect. Fagopyrum (Add)
Gen. Fagopyrum sect. Polygonopsis (Add)
Harpagocarpus (Add)
Pteroxygonum (Add)
Persicarieae (Add)
Koenigiinae (Add)
Gen. Aconogonon (Add)
Gen. Bistorta (Add)
Bistorta affinis (Add)
Bistorta amplexicaulis (Add)
Bistorta bistortoides

Bistorta elliptica (Add)
Bistorta emodi (Add)
Bistorta griffithii (Add)
Bistorta macrophylla (Add)
Bistorta officinalis (Add)
Bistorta paleacea (Add)
Bistorta plumosa (Add)
Bistorta vacciniifolia (Add)
Bistorta vivipara (Add)
Gen. Koenigia (Add)
Gen. Rubrivena (Add)
Persicariinae (Add)
Gen. Persicaria (Add)
Polygoneae (Add)
Polygoninae (Add)
Gen. Atraphaxis (Add)
Gen. Calligonum (Add)
Gen. Oxygonum (Add)
Gen. Parapteropyrum (Add)
Gen. Polygonum (Add)
Polygonum aviculare (Add)
Polygonum viviparum (Add)
Gen. Pteropyrum (Add)
Reynoutriinae (Add)
Gen. %C3%97 Reyllopia (Add)
Gen. Fallopia (Add)
Gen. Homalocladium (Add)
Gen. Muehlenbeckia (Add)
Gen. Reynoutria (Add)
Rumiceae (Add)
Gen. Emex (Add)
Gen. Oxyria (Add)
Gen. Rheum

Rheum acuminatum (Add)
Rheum alexandrae (Add)
Rheum altaicum (Add)
Rheum australe (Add)
Rheum collinianum (Add)
Rheum compactum (Add)
Rheum cordatum (Add)
Rheum coreanum (Add)
Rheum darwazicum (Add)
Rheum delavayi (Add)
Rheum fedtschenkoi (Add)
Rheum forrestii (Add)
Rheum glabricaule (Add)
Rheum globulosum (Add)
Rheum hotaoense (Add)
Rheum inopinatum (Add)
Rheum kialense (Add)
Rheum korshinskyi (Add)
Rheum laciniatum (Add)
Rheum lhasaense (Add)
Rheum likiangense (Add)
Rheum lobatum (Add)
Rheum lucidum (Add)
Rheum macrocarpum (Add)
Rheum macropterum (Add)
Rheum maculatum (Add)
Rheum maximowiczii (Add)
Rheum moorcroftianum (Add)
Rheum nanum (Add)
Rheum nobile (Add)
Rheum officinale (Add)
Rheum palaestinum (Add)
Rheum palmatum (Add)
Rheum plicatum (Add)
Rheum przewalskyi (Add)
Rheum pumilum (Add)
Rheum racemiferum (Add)
Rheum reticulatum (Add)
Rhubarb, Rheum rhabarbarum

Rheum rhaponticum (Add)
Rheum rhizostachyum (Add)
Rheum rhomboideum (Add)
Rheum ribes (Add)
Rheum rupestre (Add)
Rheum spiciforme (Add)
Rheum subacaule (Add)
Rheum sublanceolatum (Add)
Rheum tanguticum (Add)
Rheum tataricum (Add)
Rheum tetragonopus (Add)
Rheum tibeticum (Add)
Rheum turkestanicum (Add)
Rheum uninerve (Add)
Rheum webbianum (Add)
Rheum wittrockii (Add)
Rheum yunnanense (Add)
Gen. Rumex (Add)
Rumex acetosa (Add)
Rumex acetosella (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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