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Gen. Crocus
Crocus abantensis (Add)
Crocus adanensis (Add)
Crocus aerius (Add)
Crocus alatavicus (Add)
Crocus aleppicus (Add)
Crocus almehensis (Add)
Crocus ancyrensis (Add)
Crocus angustifolius (Add)
Crocus antalyensis (Add)
Crocus asumaniae (Add)
Crocus autranii (Add)
Crocus banaticus (Add)
Crocus baytopiorum (Add)
Crocus biflorus (Add)
Crocus boryi (Add)
Crocus boulosii (Add)
Crocus cambessedesii (Add)
Crocus cancellatus (Add)
Crocus candidus (Add)
Crocus carpetanus (Add)
Crocus cartwrightianus (Add)
Crocus caspius (Add)
Snow crocus, Crocus chrysanthus

Crocus corsicus (Add)
Crocus cvijicii (Add)
Crocus cyprius (Add)
Crocus dalmaticus (Add)
Crocus danfordiae (Add)
Crocus etruscus (Add)
Crocus flavus
Crocus fleischeri (Add)
Crocus gargaricus (Add)
Crocus gilanicus (Add)
Crocus goulimyi (Add)
Crocus graveolens (Add)
Crocus hadriaticus (Add)
Crocus hartmannianus (Add)
Crocus hermoneus (Add)
Crocus hyemalis (Add)
Crocus imperati (Add)
Crocus karduchorum (Add)
Crocus kerndorffiorum (Add)
Crocus korolkowii (Add)
Crocus kosaninii (Add)
Crocus kotschyanus (Add)
Crocus laevigatus (Add)
Crocus leichtlinii (Add)
Crocus longiflorus (Add)
Crocus malyi (Add)
Crocus mathewii (Add)
Crocus medius (Add)
Crocus michelsonii (Add)
Crocus minimus (Add)
Crocus moabiticus (Add)
Crocus nevadensis (Add)
Crocus niveus (Add)
Crocus nudiflorus (Add)
Crocus ochroleucus (Add)
Crocus olivieri (Add)
Crocus oreocreticus (Add)
Crocus pallasii (Add)
Crocus paschei (Add)
Crocus pelistericus (Add)
Crocus pestalozzae (Add)
Crocus pulchellus (Add)
Crocus reticulatus (Add)
Crocus robertianus (Add)
Crocus rujanensis (Add)
Crocus sativus (Add)
Crocus scardicus (Add)
Crocus scharojanii (Add)
Crocus serotinus (Add)
Crocus sieberi (Add)
Crocus sieheanus (Add)
Crocus speciosus (Add)
Crocus thomasii (Add)
Crocus tommasinianus (Add)
Crocus tournefortii (Add)
Crocus vallicola (Add)
Crocus veneris (Add)
Crocus vernus

Crocus versicolor (Add)
Crocus vitellinus (Add)
Crocus wattiorum (Add)
Gen. Freesia (Add)
Gen. Galdiolus (Add)
Gladiolus gandavensis (Add)
Gen. Iris (Add)
Iris chamaeiris

Iris forrestii

Iris germanica

Iris pseudacorus

Iris pumila (Add)
Iris reticulata (Add)
Iris sibirica (Add)
Iris spuria (Add)
Gen. Ixia (Add)
Gen. Sisyrinchium (Add)
Sisyrinchium montanum (Add)
Gen. Tigrida (Add)
Tigrida pavonita (Add)
Gen. Tritonia (Add)
Tritonia aurea (Add)
Tritonia crocosmifolia (Add)
Tritonia pottsii (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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