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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Monocotyledon --> Ord. Asparagales --> Fam. Amaryllidaceae -->


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Amaryllis belladonna

"Skinny Legs and All" by Jinxmcc via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Clivia miniata

Jorid Nygård Myhr ©.

Eucharis grandiflora

"Eucharis grandiflora - Amazon Lily" by MShades via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Galanthus elwesii

"Galanthus elwesii var elwesii" by Ptc24 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Galanthus nivalis

"Snowdrop twins" by Catlovers via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Haemanthus albiflos

Inger Bonsak ©.

Gen. Hippeastrum

"Hippeastrum 'Sovereign'" by Ukhviid via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Leucojum aestivum

"Leucojum aestivum(giant snowflake)" by Joka2000 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Gen. Amaryllis (Add)
Amaryllis belladonna

Amaryllis paradisicola (Add)
Gen. Clivia (Add)
Clivia gardneri (Add)
Clivia miniata

Clivia nobilis (Add)
Gen. Crinum (Add)
Gen. Eucharis (Add)
Eucharis grandiflora

Gen. Galanthus
Galanthus allenii (Add)
Galanthus alpinus (Add)
Galanthus angustifolius (Add)
Galanthus cilicicus (Add)
Galanthus elwesii

Galanthus fosteri (Add)
Galanthus gracilis (Add)
Galanthus grandiflorus (Add)
Galanthus ikariae (Add)
Galanthus kemulariae (Add)
Galanthus koenenianus (Add)
Galanthus krasnovii (Add)
Galanthus lagodechianus (Add)
Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus peshmenii (Add)
Galanthus platyphyllus (Add)
Galanthus plicatus (Add)
Galanthus reginae-olgae (Add)
Galanthus rizehensis (Add)
Galanthus transcaucasicus (Add)
Galanthus trojanus (Add)
Galanthus woronowii (Add)
Gen. Haemanthus (Add)
Haemanthus albiflos

Haemanthus katherinae (Add)
Haemanthus lindenii (Add)
Haemanthus multiflorus (Add)
Gen. Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum hortorum (Add)
Gen. Leucojum (Add)
Leucojum aestivum

Leucojum vernum (Add)
Gen. Narcissus (Add)
Narcissus barrii (Add)
Narcissus incomparabilis (Add)
Narcissus poetaz (Add)
Narcissus poeticus (Add)
Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Narcissus tazetta (Add)
Gen. Nerine (Add)
Gen. Vallota (Add)
Vallota purpurea (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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