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Bitter melon, Momordica charantia

"Momordica charantia L." by Alex Popovkin, Bahia, Brazil via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Momordica aculeata (Add)
Momordica acuminata (Add)
Momordica affinis (Add)
Momordica amaniana (Add)
Momordica angolensis (Add)
Momordica angustisepala (Add)
Momordica anigosantha (Add)
Momordica auriculata (Add)
Momordica balsamina (Add)
Momordica bequaertii (Add)
Momordica boivinii (Add)
Momordica bracteata (Add)
Momordica bricchettii (Add)
Momordica cabrae (Add)
Momordica calantha (Add)
Momordica camerounensis (Add)
Bitter melon, Momordica charantia

Momordica chinensis (Add)
Momordica cissoides (Add)
Momordica clarkeana (Add)
Momordica clematidea (Add)
Momordica cochinchinensis (Add)
Momordica cogniauxiana (Add)
Momordica cordata (Add)
Momordica coriacea (Add)
Momordica corymbifera (Add)
Momordica cymbalaria (Add)
Momordica denticulata (Add)
Momordica denudata (Add)
Momordica dictyosperma (Add)
Momordica dioica (Add)
Momordica diplotrimera (Add)
Momordica dissecta (Add)
Momordica eberhardtii (Add)
Momordica enneaphylla (Add)
Momordica fasciculata (Add)
Momordica foetida (Add)
Momordica gabonii (Add)
Momordica glabra (Add)
Momordica gracilis (Add)
Momordica grandibracteata (Add)
Momordica henriquesii (Add)
Momordica involucrata (Add)
Momordica jeffreyana (Add)
Momordica laotica (Add)
Momordica laurentii (Add)
Momordica leiocarpa (Add)
Momordica littorea (Add)
Momordica macrantha (Add)
Momordica macrophylla (Add)
Momordica mannii (Add)
Momordica marlothi (Add)
Momordica martinicensis (Add)
Momordica meloniflora (Add)
Momordica microphylla (Add)
Momordica mossambica (Add)
Momordica multicrenulata (Add)
Momordica multiflora (Add)
Momordica obtusisepala (Add)
Momordica parvifolia (Add)
Momordica pauciflora (Add)
Momordica pedisecta (Add)
Momordica peteri (Add)
Momordica pterocarpa (Add)
Momordica pycnantha (Add)
Momordica racemiflora (Add)
Momordica repens (Add)
Momordica rostrata (Add)
Momordica rumphii (Add)
Momordica runssorica (Add)
Momordica rutshuruensis (Add)
Momordica sahyadrica (Add)
Momordica schinzii (Add)
Momordica schliebenii (Add)
Momordica sessilifolia (Add)
Momordica silvatica (Add)
Momordica somalensis (Add)
Momordica suringarii (Add)
Momordica thollonii (Add)
Momordica tonkinensis (Add)
Momordica trifoliolata (Add)
Momordica welwitschii (Add)
Momordica wildemaniana (Add)

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