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Gen. Cypripedium

"Et par Marisko (135)" by Sirispj via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Cypripedium acaule

"Lady's Slipper" by A. Drauglis Furnituremaker via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Cypripedium calceolus

"Et par Marisko (135)" by Sirispj via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Cypripedium parviflorum

"Yellow Lady's-Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum)" by Wackybadger via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Cypripedium californicum

"Cypripedium californicum_05" by Scott361 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Cypripedium reginae

"Lady's Slipper" by Anyjazz65 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Cypripedieae (Add)
Gen. Cypripedium

Cypripedium subg. Cypripedium (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Acaulia (Add)
Cypripedium acaule

Cypripedium sect. Arietinum (Add)
Cypripedium arietinum (Add)
Cypripedium plectrochilum (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Bifolia (Add)
Cypripedium guttatum (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Cypripedium (Add)
Cypripedium calceolus

Cypripedium candidum (Add)
Cypripedium cordigerum (Add)
Cypripedium farreri (Add)
Cypripedium fasciolatum (Add)
Cypripedium henryi (Add)
Cypripedium kentuckiense (Add)
Cypripedium montanum (Add)
Cypripedium parviflorum

Cypripedium segawai (Add)
Cypripedium shanxiense (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Eniantopedilum (Add)
Cypripedium fasciculatum (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Flabellinervia (Add)
Cypripedium formosanum (Add)
Cypripedium japonicum (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Macrantha (Add)
Cypripedium franchetii (Add)
Cypripedium himalaicum (Add)
Cypripedium macranthos (Add)
Cypripedium tibeticum (Add)
Cypripedium yunnanense (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Retinervia (Add)
Cypripedium debile (Add)
Cypripedium elegans (Add)
Cypripedium palangshanense (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Sinopedilum (Add)
Cypripedium bardolphianum (Add)
Cypripedium micranthum (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Trigonopedia (Add)
Cypripedium lichiangense (Add)
Cypripedium margaritaceum (Add)
Cypripedium subg. Irapeana (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Irapeana (Add)
Cypripedium californicum

Cypripedium dickinsonianum (Add)
Cypripedium irapeanum (Add)
Cypripedium molle (Add)
Cypripedium sect. Obtusiflora (Add)
Cypripedium flavum (Add)
Cypripedium passerinum (Add)
Cypripedium reginae

Cypripedium sect. Subtropica (Add)
Cypripedium subtropicum (Add)
Cypripedium wardii (Add)
Mexipedieae (Add)
Gen. Mexipedium (Add)
Mexipedium xerophyticum (Add)
Gen. Paphiopedilum (Add)
Paphiopedilum acmodontum (Add)
Paphiopedilum adductum (Add)
Paphiopedilum appletonianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum argus (Add)
Paphiopedilum armeniacum (Add)
Paphiopedilum barbatum (Add)
Paphiopedilum barbigerum (Add)
Paphiopedilum bellatulum (Add)
Paphiopedilum bougainvilleanum (Add)
Paphiopedilum bullenianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum callosum (Add)
Paphiopedilum charlesworthii (Add)
Paphiopedilum cilliolare (Add)
Paphiopedilum concolor (Add)
Paphiopedilum dayanum (Add)
Paphiopedilum delenatii (Add)
Paphiopedilum dianthum (Add)
Paphiopedilum druryi (Add)
Paphiopedilum emersonii (Add)
Paphiopedilum exul (Add)
Paphiopedilum fairrieanum (Add)
Paphiopedilum fowliei (Add)
Paphiopedilum gigantifolium (Add)
Paphiopedilum glanduliferum (Add)
Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum (Add)
Paphiopedilum godefroyae (Add)
Paphiopedilum gratrixianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum haynaldianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum helenae (Add)
Paphiopedilum hennisianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum henryanum (Add)
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum (Add)
Paphiopedilum hookerae (Add)
Paphiopedilum insigne (Add)
Paphiopedilum javanicum (Add)
Paphiopedilum kolopakingii (Add)
Paphiopedilum lawrenceanum (Add)
Paphiopedilum liemianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum lowii (Add)
Paphiopedilum malipoense (Add)
Paphiopedilum mastersianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum micranthum (Add)
Paphiopedilum moquettianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum niveum (Add)
Paphiopedilum papuanum (Add)
Paphiopedilum parishii (Add)
Paphiopedilum philippinense (Add)
Paphiopedilum primulinum (Add)
Paphiopedilum primulinum purpurascens (Add)
Paphiopedilum purpuratum (Add)
Paphiopedilum randsii (Add)
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum sanderianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum sangii (Add)
Paphiopedilum schoseri (Add)
Paphiopedilum spicerianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum stonei (Add)
Paphiopedilum sukhakulii (Add)
Paphiopedilum supardii (Add)
Paphiopedilum superbiens (Add)
Paphiopedilum tigrinum (Add)
Paphiopedilum tonsum (Add)
Paphiopedilum urbanianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum venustum (Add)
Paphiopedilum victoria-mariae (Add)
Paphiopedilum victoria-regina (Add)
Paphiopedilum villosum (Add)
Paphiopedilum violascens (Add)
Paphiopedilum virens (Add)
Paphiopedilum wardii (Add)
Paphiopedilum wentworthianum (Add)
Paphiopedilum wilhelminiae (Add)
Phragmipedieae (Add)
Gen. Phragmipedium (Add)
Phragmipedium andreettae (Add)
Phragmipedium besseae (Add)
Phragmipedium boissierianum (Add)
Phragmipedium brasiliense (Add)
Phragmipedium caricinum (Add)
Phragmipedium caudatum (Add)
Phragmipedium chapadense (Add)
Phragmipedium exstaminodium (Add)
Phragmipedium fischeri (Add)
Phragmipedium hirtzii (Add)
Phragmipedium klotzschianum (Add)
Phragmipedium kovachii (Add)
Phragmipedium lindenii (Add)
Phragmipedium lindleyanum (Add)
Phragmipedium longifolium (Add)
Phragmipedium manzurii (Add)
Phragmipedium pearcei (Add)
Phragmipedium reticulatum (Add)
Phragmipedium richteri (Add)
Phragmipedium schlimii (Add)
Phragmipedium tetzlaffianum (Add)
Phragmipedium vittatum (Add)
Phragmipedium warszewiczianum (Add)
Phragmipedium warszewiczii (Add)
Selenipedieae (Add)
Gen. Selenipedium (Add)
Selenipedium aequinoctiale (Add)
Selenipedium chica (Add)
Selenipedium isabelianum (Add)
Selenipedium palmifolium (Add)
Selenipedium steyermarkii (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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