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Lotus aboriginus (Add)
Lotus aduncus (Add)
Lotus aegaeus (Add)
Lotus alamosanus (Add)
Lotus alpinus (Add)
Lotus angustissimus (Add)
Lotus arabicus (Add)
Lotus arborescens (Add)
Lotus arenarius (Add)
Lotus argophyllus (Add)
Lotus argyraeus (Add)
Lotus argyrodes (Add)
Lotus assakensis (Add)
Lotus australis (Add)
Lotus benthamii (Add)
Lotus berthelotii (Add)
Lotus biflorus (Add)
Lotus borbasii (Add)
Lotus brunneri (Add)
Lotus burttii (Add)
Lotus campylocladus (Add)
Lotus castellanus (Add)
Lotus chazaliei (Add)
Lotus chihuahuanus (Add)
Lotus coccineus (Add)
Lotus collinus (Add)
Lotus conimbricensis (Add)
Lotus conjugatus (Add)
Lotus corniculatus

Lotus crassifolius (Add)
Lotus creticus (Add)
Lotus cruentus (Add)
Lotus cytisoides (Add)
Lotus delortii (Add)
Lotus dendroideus (Add)
Lotus denticulatus (Add)
Lotus digii (Add)
Lotus discolor (Add)
Lotus drepanocarpus (Add)
Lotus dumetorum (Add)
Lotus dvinensis (Add)
Lotus edulis (Add)
Lotus elisabethae (Add)
Lotus emeroides (Add)
Lotus eriosolen (Add)
Lotus formosissimus (Add)
Lotus garcinii (Add)
Lotus gebelia (Add)
Lotus glaber (Add)
Lotus glareosus (Add)
Lotus glaucus (Add)
Lotus glinoides (Add)
Lotus goetzei (Add)
Lotus grandiflorus (Add)
Lotus greenei (Add)
Lotus halophilus (Add)
Lotus hamatus (Add)
Lotus haydonii (Add)
Lotus heermannii (Add)
Lotus hillebrandii (Add)
Lotus hintoniorum (Add)
Lotus hispidus (Add)
Lotus holosericeus (Add)
Lotus humistratus (Add)
Lotus incanus (Add)
Lotus intricatus (Add)
Lotus jacobaeus (Add)
Lotus jolyi (Add)
Lotus junceus (Add)
Lotus krylovii (Add)
Lotus kunkelii (Add)
Lotus lalambensis (Add)
Lotus lancerottensis (Add)
Lotus lanuginosus (Add)
Lotus longisiliquosus (Add)
Lotus loweanus (Add)
Lotus macranthus (Add)
Lotus macrotrichus (Add)
Lotus maritimus (Add)
Lotus maroccanus (Add)
Lotus mascaensis (Add)
Lotus mearnsii (Add)
Lotus micranthus (Add)
Lotus mollis (Add)
Lotus namulensis (Add)
Lotus nevadensis (Add)
Lotus nubicus (Add)
Lotus nuttallianus (Add)
Lotus oblongifolius (Add)
Lotus oliveirae (Add)
Lotus ononopsis (Add)
Lotus ornithopodioides (Add)
Lotus oroboides (Add)
Lotus oxyphyllus (Add)
Lotus palaestinus (Add)
Lotus palustris (Add)
Lotus parviflorus (Add)
Lotus pedunculatus (Add)
Lotus peregrinus (Add)
Lotus pinnatus (Add)
Lotus plebeius (Add)
Lotus polyphyllus (Add)
Lotus preslii (Add)
Lotus procumbens (Add)
Lotus purpureus (Add)
Lotus quinatus (Add)
Lotus rigidus (Add)
Lotus rubriflorus (Add)
Lotus salsuginosus (Add)
Lotus schoelleri (Add)
Lotus scoparius (Add)
Lotus sessilifolius (Add)
Lotus spartioides (Add)
Lotus stenodon (Add)
Lotus stepposus (Add)
Lotus stipularis (Add)
Lotus strictus (Add)
Lotus strigosus (Add)
Lotus subbiflorus (Add)
Lotus subpinnatus (Add)
Lotus tetragonolobus (Add)
Lotus tetraphyllus (Add)
Lotus torulosus (Add)
Lotus uliginosus (Add)
Lotus unifoliolatus (Add)
Lotus utahensis (Add)
Lotus weilleri (Add)
Lotus wildii (Add)
Lotus wrangelianus (Add)
Lotus wrightii (Add)
Lotus yollabolliensis (Add)

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