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Stachys abchasica (Add)
Stachys acerosa (Add)
Stachys aculeolata (Add)
Stachys adulterina (Add)
Stachys aegyptiaca (Add)
Stachys aethiopica (Add)
Stachys affinis (Add)
Stachys agraria (Add)
Stachys ajugoides (Add)
Stachys albanica (Add)
Stachys albens (Add)
Stachys albicaulis (Add)
Stachys albiflora (Add)
Stachys albotomentosa (Add)
Stachys aleurites (Add)
Stachys alopecuros (Add)
Stachys alpigena (Add)
Stachys alpina (Add)
Stachys amanica (Add)
Stachys anamurensis (Add)
Stachys andongensis (Add)
Stachys angustifolia (Add)
Stachys anisochila (Add)
Stachys annua (Add)
Stachys antalyensis (Add)
Stachys aperta (Add)
Stachys arabica (Add)
Stachys arachnoidea (Add)
Stachys araucana (Add)
Stachys araxina (Add)
Stachys arenaria (Add)
Stachys arenariiformis (Add)
Stachys argillicola (Add)
Stachys aristata (Add)
Stachys arrecta (Add)
Stachys arriagana (Add)
Stachys arvensis (Add)
Stachys aspera (Add)
Stachys asperata (Add)
Stachys asterocalyx (Add)
Stachys atherocalyx (Add)
Stachys aucheri (Add)
Stachys aurea (Add)
Stachys babunensis (Add)
Stachys bakeri (Add)
Stachys balansae (Add)
Stachys balensis (Add)
Stachys ballotiformis (Add)
Stachys bayburtensis (Add)
Stachys baytopiorum (Add)
Stachys beckeana (Add)
Stachys benthamiana (Add)
Stachys bergii (Add)
Stachys betoniciflora (Add)
Stachys biflora (Add)
Stachys bigelovii (Add)
Stachys bizensis (Add)
Stachys bogotensis (Add)
Stachys bolusii (Add)
Stachys bombycina (Add)
Stachys boraginoides (Add)
Stachys brachiata (Add)
Stachys brachyclada (Add)
Stachys brantii (Add)
Stachys bridgesii (Add)
Stachys bullata (Add)
Stachys burchelliana (Add)
Stachys burgsdorffioides (Add)
Stachys buttleri (Add)
Stachys byzantina

Stachys caffra (Add)
Stachys calcicola (Add)
Stachys candida (Add)
Stachys canescens (Add)
Stachys carduchorum (Add)
Stachys cataonica (Add)
Stachys chamissonis (Add)
Stachys chasmosericea (Add)
Stachys chinensis (Add)
Stachys choruhensis (Add)
Stachys chrysantha (Add)
Stachys circinata (Add)
Stachys citrina (Add)
Stachys clingmanii (Add)
Stachys coccinea (Add)
Stachys collina (Add)
Stachys comosa (Add)
Stachys cordata (Add)
Stachys cordifolia (Add)
Stachys corsica (Add)
Stachys crenata (Add)
Stachys cretica (Add)
Stachys cuneata (Add)
Stachys cydni (Add)
Stachys cymbalaria (Add)
Stachys darcyana (Add)
Stachys debilis (Add)
Stachys didymantha (Add)
Stachys dinteri (Add)
Stachys discolor (Add)
Stachys distans (Add)
Stachys diversifolia (Add)
Stachys dregeana (Add)
Stachys drummondii (Add)
Stachys durandiana (Add)
Stachys duriaei (Add)
Stachys ehrenbergii (Add)
Stachys elliptica (Add)
Stachys emodi (Add)
Stachys eplingii (Add)
Stachys erectiuscula (Add)
Stachys eremicola (Add)
Stachys euadenia (Add)
Stachys euboica (Add)
Stachys fendleri (Add)
Stachys flavescens (Add)
Stachys flexuosa (Add)
Stachys floccosa (Add)
Stachys floridana (Add)
Stachys folifolia (Add)
Stachys fominii (Add)
Stachys fontqueri (Add)
Stachys forsythii (Add)
Stachys fragillima (Add)
Stachys fruticulosa (Add)
Stachys geobombycis (Add)
Stachys germanica (Add)
Stachys gilliesii (Add)
Stachys glandulibracteata (Add)
Stachys glandulifera (Add)
Stachys glandulosa (Add)
Stachys globosa (Add)
Stachys glutinosa (Add)
Stachys gossweileri (Add)
Stachys graciliflora (Add)
Stachys graeca (Add)
Stachys grandidentata (Add)
Stachys grandifolia (Add)
Stachys graveolens (Add)
Stachys guyoniana (Add)
Stachys hamata (Add)
Stachys harleyana (Add)
Stachys hebens (Add)
Stachys heraclea (Add)
Stachys herrerae (Add)
Stachys herrerana (Add)
Stachys heterodonta (Add)
Stachys hians (Add)
Stachys hildebrandtii (Add)
Stachys hintoniorum (Add)
Stachys hispida (Add)
Stachys hissarica (Add)
Stachys huber-morathii (Add)
Stachys huetii (Add)
Stachys huillensis (Add)
Stachys humbertii (Add)
Stachys humifusa (Add)
Stachys hydrophila (Add)
Stachys hyssopifolia (Add)
Stachys hyssopoides (Add)
Stachys iberica (Add)
Stachys inanis (Add)
Stachys inclusa (Add)
Stachys inflata (Add)
Stachys intermedia (Add)
Stachys ionica (Add)
Stachys iraqensis (Add)
Stachys iva (Add)
Stachys ixodes (Add)
Stachys jaimehintonii (Add)
Stachys jijigaensis (Add)
Stachys keerlii (Add)
Stachys kermanshahensis (Add)
Stachys ketenoglui (Add)
Stachys koelzii (Add)
Stachys komarovii (Add)
Stachys kotschyi (Add)
Stachys kouyangensis (Add)
Stachys kulalensis (Add)
Stachys kuntzei (Add)
Stachys kurdica (Add)
Stachys lamarckii (Add)
Stachys lamioides (Add)
Stachys langmaniae (Add)
Stachys lanigera (Add)
Stachys latidens (Add)
Stachys lavandulifolia (Add)
Stachys laxa (Add)
Stachys leucoglossa (Add)
Stachys libanotica (Add)
Stachys lindenii (Add)
Stachys linearis (Add)
Stachys longiflora (Add)
Stachys longispicata (Add)
Stachys lyallii (Add)
Stachys macraei (Add)
Stachys macrantha (Add)
Stachys macrostachys (Add)
Stachys macrotricha (Add)
Stachys manantlanensis (Add)
Stachys mandoniana (Add)
Stachys marashica (Add)
Stachys mardinensis (Add)
Stachys maritima (Add)
Stachys marrubiifolia (Add)
Stachys mayorii (Add)
Stachys megalodonta (Add)
Stachys melampyroides (Add)
Stachys melissifolia (Add)
Stachys menthifolia (Add)
Stachys menthoides (Add)
Stachys mexicana (Add)
Stachys mialhesii (Add)
Stachys milanii (Add)
Stachys mohinora (Add)
Stachys mollissima (Add)
Stachys moorei (Add)
Stachys mouretii (Add)
Stachys mucronata (Add)
Stachys multicaulis (Add)
Stachys munzurdagensis (Add)
Stachys musili (Add)
Stachys namazdaghensis (Add)
Stachys natalensis (Add)
Stachys nemorivaga (Add)
Stachys nepetifolia (Add)
Stachys nephrophylla (Add)
Stachys neurocalycina (Add)
Stachys nigricans (Add)
Stachys nivea (Add)
Stachys nubilorum (Add)
Stachys obliqua (Add)
Stachys oblongifolia (Add)
Stachys obscura (Add)
Stachys obtusicrena (Add)
Stachys obtusifolia (Add)
Stachys ochroleuca (Add)
Stachys ocymastrum (Add)
Stachys officinalis (Add)
Stachys oligantha (Add)
Stachys oreophila (Add)
Stachys ossetica (Add)
Stachys pacifica (Add)
Stachys palaestina (Add)
Stachys palustris (Add)
Stachys paneiana (Add)
Stachys pannosa (Add)
Stachys parolinii (Add)
Stachys parviflora (Add)
Stachys pauli (Add)
Stachys penanevada (Add)
Stachys persepolitana (Add)
Stachys persica (Add)
Stachys peruviana (Add)
Stachys petrokosmos (Add)
Stachys philippiana (Add)
Stachys pilifera (Add)
Stachys pilosa (Add)
Stachys pilosissima (Add)
Stachys pinardii (Add)
Stachys pinetorum (Add)
Stachys pittieri (Add)
Stachys plumosa (Add)
Stachys pradica (Add)
Stachys pringlei (Add)
Stachys pseudobombycina (Add)
Stachys pseudofloccosa (Add)
Stachys pseudohumifusa (Add)
Stachys pseudonigricans (Add)
Stachys pseudophlomis (Add)
Stachys pseudopinardii (Add)
Stachys pubescens (Add)
Stachys pumila (Add)
Stachys pusilla (Add)
Stachys pycnantha (Add)
Stachys pyramidalis (Add)
Stachys radicans (Add)
Stachys ramosissima (Add)
Stachys recta (Add)
Stachys rehmannii (Add)
Stachys reptans (Add)
Stachys reticulata (Add)
Stachys riederi (Add)
Stachys rigida (Add)
Stachys riparia (Add)
Stachys rivularis (Add)
Stachys rizeensis (Add)
Stachys rosea (Add)
Stachys rothrockii (Add)
Stachys rotundifolia (Add)
Stachys rubella (Add)
Stachys rudatisii (Add)
Stachys rugosa (Add)
Stachys rupestris (Add)
Stachys salisii (Add)
Stachys sanchezii (Add)
Stachys sandersii (Add)
Stachys saturejoides (Add)
Stachys saxicola (Add)
Stachys scaberula (Add)
Stachys scabrida (Add)
Stachys scardica (Add)
Stachys schimperi (Add)
Stachys schtschegleevii (Add)
Stachys serbica (Add)
Stachys sericantha (Add)
Stachys sericea (Add)
Stachys sericophylla (Add)
Stachys sessilifolia (Add)
Stachys sessilis (Add)
Stachys setifera (Add)
Stachys siamensis (Add)
Stachys simplex (Add)
Stachys sivasica (Add)
Stachys sosnowskyi (Add)
Stachys sparsipilosa (Add)
Stachys spathulata (Add)
Stachys spectabiliformis (Add)
Stachys spectabilis (Add)
Stachys speluncarum (Add)
Stachys sphaerodonta (Add)
Stachys spinosa (Add)
Stachys spinulosa (Add)
Stachys spreitzenhoferi (Add)
Stachys sprucei (Add)
Stachys spruneri (Add)
Stachys stebbinsii (Add)
Stachys stricta (Add)
Stachys strictiflora (Add)
Stachys subaphylla (Add)
Stachys sublobata (Add)
Stachys subnuda (Add)
Stachys swainsonii (Add)
Stachys sylvatica

Stachys taliensis (Add)
Stachys talyschensis (Add)
Stachys tenerrima (Add)
Stachys tenuifolia (Add)
Stachys terekensis (Add)
Stachys tetragona (Add)
Stachys thirkei (Add)
Stachys thunbergii (Add)
Stachys tibetica (Add)
Stachys tmolea (Add)
Stachys torresii (Add)
Stachys tournefortii (Add)
Stachys trichophylla (Add)
Stachys trinervis (Add)
Stachys truncata (Add)
Stachys tschatkalensis (Add)
Stachys tubulosa (Add)
Stachys tundjeliensis (Add)
Stachys turcomanica (Add)
Stachys turkestanica (Add)
Stachys turneri (Add)
Stachys tymphaea (Add)
Stachys tysonii (Add)
Stachys uniflora (Add)
Stachys urticoides (Add)
Stachys venezuelana (Add)
Stachys venulosa (Add)
Stachys veroniciformis (Add)
Stachys virgata (Add)
Stachys viscosa (Add)
Stachys viticina (Add)
Stachys vulnerabilis (Add)
Stachys willemsei (Add)
Stachys woronowii (Add)
Stachys xanthantha (Add)
Stachys yemenensis (Add)
Stachys yildirimlii (Add)
Stachys zeyheri (Add)
Stachys zoharyana (Add)

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