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Lepismium cruciformis

Hans-Ulrich ©.


Gen. Hatiora (Add)
Hatiora gaertneri (Add)
Gen. Lepismium (Add)
Lepismium asuntapatense (Add)
Lepismium bolivianum (Add)
Lepismium brevispinum (Add)
Lepismium crenatum (Add)
Lepismium cruciformis

Lepismium houlletianum (Add)
Lepismium ianthothele (Add)
Lepismium incachacanum (Add)
Lepismium lorentzianum (Add)
Lepismium lumbricoides (Add)
Lepismium micranthum (Add)
Lepismium miyagawae (Add)
Lepismium monacanthum (Add)
Lepismium paranganiense (Add)
Lepismium warmingianum (Add)
Gen. Rhipsalis (Add)
Rhipsalis agudoensis (Add)
Rhipsalis baccifera
Rhipsalis burchellii (Add)
Rhipsalis campos-portoana (Add)
Rhipsalis cereoides (Add)
Rhipsalis cereuscula (Add)
Rhipsalis clavata (Add)
Rhipsalis crispata (Add)
Rhipsalis cuneata (Add)
Rhipsalis dissimilis (Add)
Rhipsalis elliptica (Add)
Rhipsalis ewaldiana (Add)
Rhipsalis floccosa (Add)
Rhipsalis goebeliana (Add)
Rhipsalis grandiflora (Add)
Rhipsalis hoelleri (Add)
Rhipsalis juengeri (Add)
Rhipsalis lindbergiana (Add)
Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides (Add)
Rhipsalis micrantha (Add)
Rhipsalis neves-armondii (Add)
Rhipsalis novaesii (Add)
Rhipsalis oblonga (Add)
Rhipsalis occidentalis (Add)
Rhipsalis olivifiera (Add)
Rhipsalis ormindoi (Add)
Rhipsalis pacheco-leonis (Add)
Rhipsalis pachyptera (Add)
Rhipsalis paradoxa (Add)
Rhipsalis pentaptera (Add)
Rhipsalis pilocarpa (Add)
Rhipsalis pulchra (Add)
Rhipsalis puniceo-discus (Add)
Rhipsalis russellii (Add)
Rhipsalis sulcata (Add)
Rhipsalis teres (Add)
Rhipsalis trigona (Add)
Gen. Schlumbergera (Add)
Schlumbergera kautskyi (Add)
Schlumbergera microsphaerica (Add)
Schlumbergera opuntioides (Add)
Schlumbergera orssichiana (Add)
Schlumbergera russelliana (Add)
Schlumbergera truncata (Add)

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