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Abies sect. Abies (Add)
Abies alba (Add)
Abies borisii-regis (Add)
Abies cephalonica (Add)
Abies cilicica (Add)
Abies nebrodensis (Add)
Abies nordmanniana (Add)
Abies sect. Amabilis (Add)
Abies amabilis (Add)
Abies mariesii (Add)
Abies sect. Balsamea (Add)
Abies balsamea (Add)
Abies fraseri (Add)
Abies koreana (Add)
Abies lasiocarpa (Add)
Abies lasiocarpa arizonica (Add)
Abies nephrolepis (Add)
Abies sachalinensis (Add)
Abies sibirica (Add)
Abies veitchii

Abies sect. Bracteata (Add)
Abies bracteata (Add)
Abies sect. Grandis (Add)
Abies coahuilensis (Add)
Abies concolor

Abies concolor lowiana (Add)
Abies durangensis (Add)
Abies flinckii (Add)
Abies grandis

Abies guatemalensis (Add)
Abies neodurangensis (Add)
Abies sect. Momi (Add)
Abies beshanzuensis (Add)
Abies chensiensis (Add)
Abies fargesii (Add)
Abies firma (Add)
Abies holophylla (Add)
Abies homolepis

Abies kawakamii (Add)
Abies pindrow (Add)
Abies recurvata (Add)
Abies ziyuanensis (Add)
Abies sect. Nobilis

Abies magnifica (Add)
Abies procera (Add)
Abies sect. Oiamel (Add)
Abies hickelii (Add)
Abies religiosa (Add)
Abies vejarii (Add)
Abies sect. Piceaster (Add)
Abies numidica (Add)
Abies pinsapo (Add)
Abies sect. Pseudopicea (Add)
Abies chengii (Add)
Abies delavayi (Add)
Abies densa (Add)
Abies fabri (Add)
Abies fanjingshanensis (Add)
Abies fordei (Add)
Abies forrestii (Add)
Abies spectabilis (Add)
Abies squamata (Add)
Abies yuanbaoshanensis (Add)
Incertae sedis Abies (Add)
Abies milleri (Add)

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