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Fam. Orchidaceae --> Epidendroideae --> Epidendreae --> Laeliinae -->


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Cattleya elongata

"Cattleya elongata" by João de Deus Medeiros via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Cattleya labiata

"Orquídeas [en. orchids, fr. orchidées] (Cattleya labiata)" by Cristóbal Alvarado Minic via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Cattleya percivaliana

"Cattleya percivaliana semi-alba ‘Jewel’_01" by Scott361 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Cattleya trianae

"Cattleya trianaei albescens 'Buga'_02" by Scott361 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.


Cattleya aclandiae (Add)
Cattleya acuensis (Add)
Cattleya alagoensis (Add)
Cattleya alaorii (Add)
Cattleya alvaroana (Add)
Cattleya amethystoglossa (Add)
Cattleya angereri (Add)
Cattleya araguaiensis (Add)
Cattleya bicalhoi (Add)
Cattleya bicolor (Add)
Cattleya blumenscheinii (Add)
Cattleya boissieri (Add)
Cattleya bradei (Add)
Cattleya brevipedunculata (Add)
Cattleya briegeri (Add)
Cattleya caulescens (Add)
Cattleya cernua (Add)
Cattleya coccinea (Add)
Cattleya colnagoi (Add)
Cattleya conceicionensis (Add)
Cattleya crispa (Add)
Cattleya crispata (Add)
Cattleya dichroma (Add)
Cattleya dormaniana (Add)
Cattleya dowiana (Add)
Cattleya elongata

Cattleya endsfeldzii (Add)
Cattleya esalqueana (Add)
Cattleya fidelensis (Add)
Cattleya flavasulina (Add)
Cattleya forbesii (Add)
Cattleya fournieri (Add)
Cattleya gaskelliana (Add)
Cattleya ghillanyi (Add)
Cattleya gloedeniana (Add)
Cattleya gracilis (Add)
Cattleya grandis (Add)
Cattleya granulosa (Add)
Cattleya guttata (Add)
Cattleya harpophylla (Add)
Cattleya harrisoniana (Add)
Cattleya herbacea (Add)
Cattleya hispidula (Add)
Cattleya hoehnei (Add)
Cattleya intermedia (Add)
Cattleya iricolor (Add)
Cattleya itambana (Add)
Cattleya jenmanii (Add)
Cattleya jongheana (Add)
Cattleya kautskyana (Add)
Cattleya kerrii (Add)
Cattleya kettieana (Add)
Cattleya labiata

Cattleya lawrenceana (Add)
Cattleya liliputana (Add)
Cattleya lobata (Add)
Cattleya loddigesii (Add)
Cattleya longipes (Add)
Cattleya lueddemanniana (Add)
Cattleya luetzelburgii (Add)
Cattleya lundii (Add)
Cattleya luteola (Add)
Cattleya mantiqueirae (Add)
Cattleya marcaliana (Add)
Cattleya maxima (Add)
Cattleya mendelii (Add)
Cattleya milleri (Add)
Cattleya mirandae (Add)
Cattleya mooreana (Add)
Cattleya mossiae (Add)
Cattleya munchowiana (Add)
Cattleya neokautskyi (Add)
Cattleya nobilior (Add)
Cattleya pabstii (Add)
Cattleya pendula (Add)
Cattleya percivaliana

Cattleya perrinii (Add)
Cattleya pfisteri (Add)
Cattleya porphyroglossa (Add)
Cattleya praestans (Add)
Cattleya presidentensis (Add)
Cattleya pumila (Add)
Cattleya purpurata (Add)
Cattleya pygmaea (Add)
Cattleya quadricolor (Add)
Cattleya reginae (Add)
Cattleya rex (Add)
Cattleya rupestris (Add)
Cattleya sanguiloba (Add)
Cattleya schilleriana (Add)
Cattleya schofieldiana (Add)
Cattleya schroederae (Add)
Cattleya sincorana (Add)
Cattleya storeyi (Add)
Cattleya tenebrosa (Add)
Cattleya tenuis (Add)
Cattleya teretecaulis (Add)
Cattleya tigrina (Add)
Cattleya trianae

Cattleya vandenbergii (Add)
Cattleya velutina (Add)
Cattleya verboonenii (Add)
Cattleya violacea (Add)
Cattleya virens (Add)
Cattleya walkeriana (Add)
Cattleya wallisii (Add)
Cattleya warneri (Add)
Cattleya warscewiczii (Add)
Cattleya wittigiana (Add)
Cattleya xanthina (Add)

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