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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Bryophyta --> Class Bryopsida --> S.Class Bryidae --> Superord. Hypnanae --> Ord. Hypnales -->


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Gen. Ctenidium (Add)
Ctenidium andoi (Add)
Ctenidium capillifolium (Add)
Ctenidium ceylanicum (Add)
Ctenidium elegantulum (Add)
Ctenidium floribundarioides (Add)
Ctenidium hastile (Add)
Ctenidium homalophyllum (Add)
Ctenidium hondurense (Add)
Ctenidium luzonense (Add)
Ctenidium lychnites (Add)
Ctenidium malacobolum (Add)
Ctenidium malacodes (Add)
Ctenidium molluscum (Add)
Ctenidium novoguineense (Add)
Ctenidium percrassum (Add)
Ctenidium pinnatum (Add)
Ctenidium plumicaule (Add)
Ctenidium polychaetum (Add)
Ctenidium pubescens (Add)
Ctenidium pulchellum (Add)
Ctenidium schofieldii (Add)
Ctenidium serratifolium (Add)
Ctenidium stellulatum (Add)
Gen. Hylocomiastrum (Add)
Hylocomiastrum himalayanum (Add)
Hylocomiastrum pyrenaicum (Add)
Hylocomiastrum umbratum (Add)
Gen. Hylocomium (Add)
Hylocomium interruptum (Add)
Hylocomium splendens

Gen. Leptocladiella (Add)
Leptocladiella delicatula (Add)
Leptocladiella flagellaris (Add)
Leptocladiella psilura (Add)
Gen. Leptohymenium (Add)
Leptohymenium brachystegium (Add)
Leptohymenium breutelii (Add)
Leptohymenium dentatum (Add)
Leptohymenium hokinense (Add)
Leptohymenium longisetaceum (Add)
Leptohymenium sharpii (Add)
Leptohymenium stramineum (Add)
Leptohymenium tenue (Add)
Gen. Loeskeobryum (Add)
Loeskeobryum brevirostre (Add)
Loeskeobryum cavifolium (Add)
Gen. Macrothamnium (Add)
Macrothamnium hylocomioides (Add)
Macrothamnium javense (Add)
Macrothamnium leptohymenioides (Add)
Macrothamnium macrocarpum (Add)
Gen. Meteoriella (Add)
Meteoriella soluta (Add)
Gen. Neodolichomitra (Add)
Neodolichomitra yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Orontobryum (Add)
Orontobryum hookeri (Add)
Gen. Pleurozium (Add)
Pleurozium schreberi (Add)
Gen. Puiggariopsis (Add)
Puiggariopsis aurifolia (Add)
Gen. Rhytidiadelphus (Add)
Rhytidiadelphus japonicus (Add)
Rhytidiadelphus loreus (Add)
Rhytidiadelphus printzii (Add)
Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (Add)
Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus (Add)
Gen. Rhytidiopsis (Add)
Rhytidiopsis robusta (Add)
Gen. Schofieldiella (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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