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Gen. Bee orchids

Fam. Orchidaceae --> Orchidoideae --> Orchideae --> Orchidinae -->


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Ophrys apifera

"Ophrys apifera 07-05-18 Valence d'Agen (Tarn-et-Garonne) France 2" by Maarten sepp via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Ophrys fuciflora

"Ophrys bourdon (Ophrys fuciflora)" by *pascal* via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Ophrys insectifera

Bernd Haynold via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Ophrys lupercalis

"Ophrys lupercalis" by Aitor Escauriaza via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Ophrys lutea

"Ophrys lutea" by Paco Gómez via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Ophrys reinholdii

"Ophrys reinholdii" by Alastair Rae via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Ophrys speculum

"Ophrys speculum" by Trebol-a via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Ophrys tenthredinifera

J. Fuchs ©.

Ophrys umbilicata

"Ophrys sp., maybe O. umbilicata 06- Çevlik, Hatay prov. Turkey" by Maart4 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Ophrys aegaea (Add)
Ophrys aegirtica (Add)
Ophrys akhdarensis (Add)
Ophrys alasiatica (Add)
Ophrys amanensis (Add)
Ophrys annae (Add)
Ophrys antiochiana (Add)
Ophrys apifera

Ophrys apulica (Add)
Ophrys arachnitiformis (Add)
Ophrys araneola (Add)
Ophrys aranifera (Add)
Ophrys archipelagi (Add)
Ophrys argentaria (Add)
Ophrys argentoriensis (Add)
Ophrys argolica (Add)
Ophrys ariadnae (Add)
Ophrys atlantica (Add)
Ophrys attaviria (Add)
Ophrys attica (Add)
Ophrys aurelia (Add)
Ophrys ausonia (Add)
Ophrys aveyronensis (Add)
Ophrys aymoninii (Add)
Ophrys balearica (Add)
Ophrys basilissa (Add)
Ophrys benacensis (Add)
Ophrys bertolonii (Add)
Ophrys bertoloniiformis (Add)
Ophrys biancae (Add)
Ophrys bilunulata (Add)
Ophrys biscutella (Add)
Ophrys bombyliflora (Add)
Ophrys bornmuelleri (Add)
Ophrys bremifera (Add)
Ophrys calypsus (Add)
Ophrys candica (Add)
Ophrys catalaunica (Add)
Ophrys cerastes (Add)
Ophrys cesmeensis (Add)
Ophrys ceto (Add)
Ophrys chestermanii (Add)
Ophrys ciliata (Add)
Ophrys cilicica (Add)
Ophrys conradiae (Add)
Ophrys cornuta (Add)
Ophrys cornutula (Add)
Ophrys crabronifera (Add)
Ophrys crassicornis (Add)
Ophrys cretensis (Add)
Ophrys cretica (Add)
Ophrys dodekanensis (Add)
Ophrys doerfleri (Add)
Ophrys drumana (Add)
Ophrys dyris (Add)
Ophrys eleonorae (Add)
Ophrys episcopalis (Add)
Ophrys eptapigiensis (Add)
Ophrys equinum (Add)
Ophrys exaltata (Add)
Ophrys explanata (Add)
Ophrys ferdinandii (Add)
Ophrys ferrum (Add)
Ophrys flavomarginata (Add)
Ophrys fleischmannii (Add)
Ophrys forestieri (Add)
Ophrys fuciflora

Ophrys funerea (Add)
Ophrys fusca (Add)
Ophrys gackiae (Add)
Ophrys garganica (Add)
Ophrys gortynia (Add)
Ophrys gottfriediana (Add)
Ophrys grigoriana (Add)
Ophrys halia (Add)
Ophrys hebes (Add)
Ophrys heldreichii (Add)
Ophrys helios (Add)
Ophrys herae (Add)
Ophrys holoserica (Add)
Ophrys holosericea (Add)
Ophrys iceliensis (Add)
Ophrys illyrica (Add)
Ophrys incantata (Add)
Ophrys incubacea (Add)
Ophrys insectifera

Ophrys iricolor (Add)
Ophrys isaura (Add)
Ophrys israelitica (Add)
Ophrys karpathensis (Add)
Ophrys kopetdagensis (Add)
Ophrys kotschyi (Add)
Ophrys lacaena (Add)
Ophrys lacaitae (Add)
Ophrys latakiana (Add)
Ophrys laurensis (Add)
Ophrys levantina (Add)
Ophrys liburnica (Add)
Ophrys lindia (Add)
Ophrys lucis (Add)
Ophrys lunulata (Add)
Ophrys lupercalis

Ophrys lutea

Ophrys lycia (Add)
Ophrys lyciensis (Add)
Ophrys magniflora (Add)
Ophrys mammosa (Add)
Ophrys marmorata (Add)
Ophrys maxima (Add)
Ophrys melena (Add)
Ophrys mesaritica (Add)
Ophrys minoa (Add)
Ophrys morio (Add)
Ophrys morisii (Add)
Ophrys negadensis (Add)
Ophrys oestrifera (Add)
Ophrys omegaifera (Add)
Ophrys ortuabis (Add)
Ophrys oxyrrhynchos (Add)
Ophrys pallida (Add)
Ophrys panattensis (Add)
Ophrys parvimaculata (Add)
Ophrys parvula (Add)
Ophrys passionis (Add)
Ophrys perpusilla (Add)
Ophrys persephonae (Add)
Ophrys pharia (Add)
Ophrys phryganae (Add)
Ophrys picta (Add)
Ophrys pollinensis (Add)
Ophrys praecox (Add)
Ophrys promontorii (Add)
Ophrys provincialis (Add)
Ophrys pseudapifera (Add)
Ophrys pseudobertolonii (Add)
Ophrys regis (Add)
Ophrys reinholdii

Ophrys rhodia (Add)
Ophrys rhodostephane (Add)
Ophrys sabulosa (Add)
Ophrys santonica (Add)
Ophrys schulzei (Add)
Ophrys scolopax (Add)
Ophrys sepioides (Add)
Ophrys sicula (Add)
Ophrys sipontensis (Add)
Ophrys sitiaka (Add)
Ophrys speculum

Ophrys sphaciotica (Add)
Ophrys sphegifera (Add)
Ophrys sphegodes (Add)
Ophrys splendida (Add)
Ophrys spruneri (Add)
Ophrys straussii (Add)
Ophrys sulcata (Add)
Ophrys tardans (Add)
Ophrys tarentina (Add)
Ophrys tenthredinifera

Ophrys transhyrcana (Add)
Ophrys turcomanica (Add)
Ophrys tyrrhena (Add)
Ophrys umbilicata

Ophrys vasconica (Add)
Ophrys vernixia (Add)
Ophrys virescens (Add)
Ophrys zonata (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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