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Fam. Orchidaceae --> Orchidoideae --> Orchideae --> Orchidinae -->


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Platanthera bifolia

"Platanthera bifolia" by Ashley BALSAM baz via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Platanthera ciliaris

"Orange Plume" by Dmott9 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Platanthera leucostachys

"Platanthera leucostachys 2" by Aotus via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Platanthera acuifera (Add)
Platanthera acuminata (Add)
Platanthera acuta (Add)
Platanthera affinis (Add)
Platanthera albida (Add)
Platanthera albo (Add)
Platanthera algeriensis (Add)
Platanthera alpinipaludosa (Add)
Platanthera altigena (Add)
Platanthera amabilis (Add)
Platanthera amamiana (Add)
Platanthera amesiana (Add)
Platanthera anboensis (Add)
Platanthera andrewsii (Add)
Platanthera angolensis (Add)
Platanthera angustata (Add)
Platanthera angustifolia (Add)
Platanthera angustilabris (Add)
Platanthera aphylla (Add)
Platanthera aquilonis (Add)
Platanthera arachnoidea (Add)
Platanthera arcuata (Add)
Platanthera arfakensis (Add)
Platanthera azorica (Add)
Platanthera bakeriana (Add)
Platanthera behringiana (Add)
Platanthera bhutanica (Add)
Platanthera biermanniana (Add)
Platanthera bifolia

Platanthera bigelovii (Add)
Platanthera blephariglottis (Add)
Platanthera blumii (Add)
Platanthera boninensis (Add)
Platanthera borealis (Add)
Platanthera borneensis (Add)
Platanthera brachycorythis (Add)
Platanthera brachyglossa (Add)
Platanthera brachyphylla (Add)
Platanthera bracteata (Add)
Platanthera brevicalcarata (Add)
Platanthera brevifolia (Add)
Platanthera buchananii (Add)
Platanthera bulbinella (Add)
Platanthera calderoniae (Add)
Platanthera camtschatica (Add)
Platanthera canarensis (Add)
Platanthera canbyi (Add)
Platanthera candida (Add)
Platanthera carducciana (Add)
Platanthera championi (Add)
Platanthera chiloglossa (Add)
Platanthera chingshuishania (Add)
Platanthera chlorantha (Add)
Platanthera chloranthella (Add)
Platanthera chorisiana (Add)
Platanthera ciliaris

Platanthera citrina (Add)
Platanthera clavellata (Add)
Platanthera clavigera (Add)
Platanthera colemanii (Add)
Platanthera commelinifolia (Add)
Platanthera constricta (Add)
Platanthera contigua (Add)
Platanthera convallariaefolia (Add)
Platanthera cooperi (Add)
Platanthera cordifolia (Add)
Platanthera cornu (Add)
Platanthera crassinervia (Add)
Platanthera crispa (Add)
Platanthera cristata (Add)
Platanthera cubitalis (Add)
Platanthera cumminsiana (Add)
Platanthera curvata (Add)
Platanthera damingshanica (Add)
Platanthera decipiens (Add)
Platanthera deflexilabella (Add)
Platanthera delavayi (Add)
Platanthera densa (Add)
Platanthera dentata (Add)
Platanthera devolii (Add)
Platanthera dielsiana (Add)
Platanthera dilatata (Add)
Platanthera diphylla (Add)
Platanthera ditmariana (Add)
Platanthera dolichorrhiza (Add)
Platanthera dyerana (Add)
Platanthera dyeriana (Add)
Platanthera edgeworthii (Add)
Platanthera elachyantha (Add)
Platanthera elegans (Add)
Platanthera elliptica (Add)
Platanthera elmeri (Add)
Platanthera elongata (Add)
Platanthera engleriana (Add)
Platanthera exelliana (Add)
Platanthera extremiorientalis (Add)
Platanthera fallax (Add)
Platanthera fargesii (Add)
Platanthera fimbriata (Add)
Platanthera finetiana (Add)
Platanthera fissa (Add)
Platanthera flava (Add)
Platanthera florentia (Add)
Platanthera foetida (Add)
Platanthera foliosa (Add)
Platanthera freynii (Add)
Platanthera friesii (Add)
Platanthera fuscescens (Add)
Platanthera galeandra (Add)
Platanthera garberi (Add)
Platanthera geniculata (Add)
Platanthera gerrardii (Add)
Platanthera ghiesbreghtiana (Add)
Platanthera gibbsiae (Add)
Platanthera gigantea (Add)
Platanthera glaberrima (Add)
Platanthera glossophora (Add)
Platanthera gracilis (Add)
Platanthera graminea (Add)
Platanthera grandiflora (Add)
Platanthera gratissima (Add)
Platanthera guatemalensis (Add)
Platanthera hachijoensis (Add)
Platanthera halconensis (Add)
Platanthera handel-mazzettii (Add)
Platanthera hawkesiana (Add)
Platanthera helferi (Add)
Platanthera helleborina (Add)
Platanthera henryi (Add)
Platanthera herbiola (Add)
Platanthera herminioides (Add)
Platanthera heyneana (Add)
Platanthera hispidula (Add)
Platanthera holmboei (Add)
Platanthera holochila (Add)
Platanthera hologlottis (Add)
Platanthera holopetala (Add)
Platanthera hondoensis (Add)
Platanthera hookeri (Add)
Platanthera horsfieldii (Add)
Platanthera huronensis (Add)
Platanthera hyperborea (Add)
Platanthera iantha (Add)
Platanthera iinumae (Add)
Platanthera incisa (Add)
Platanthera inhambanensis (Add)
Platanthera integra (Add)
Platanthera integrilabia (Add)
Platanthera interrupta (Add)
Platanthera iriomotensis (Add)
Platanthera islandica (Add)
Platanthera japonica (Add)
Platanthera juncea (Add)
Platanthera keiskei (Add)
Platanthera kinabaluensis (Add)
Platanthera koenigii (Add)
Platanthera komarovii (Add)
Platanthera kuenkelei (Add)
Platanthera kwangsiensis (Add)
Platanthera lacei (Add)
Platanthera lacera (Add)
Platanthera lancifolia (Add)
Platanthera lancilabris (Add)
Platanthera latilabris (Add)
Platanthera lefeburiana (Add)
Platanthera leptocaulon (Add)
Platanthera leptopetala (Add)
Platanthera leucophaea (Add)
Platanthera leucostachys

Platanthera likiangensis (Add)
Platanthera limosa (Add)
Platanthera lindleyi (Add)
Platanthera linifolia (Add)
Platanthera listeroides (Add)
Platanthera longebracteata (Add)
Platanthera longibracteata (Add)
Platanthera longicalcarata (Add)
Platanthera longifolia (Add)
Platanthera longiglandula (Add)
Platanthera lucida (Add)
Platanthera lutea (Add)
Platanthera macowaniana (Add)
Platanthera macrophylla (Add)
Platanthera madagascariensis (Add)
Platanthera major (Add)
Platanthera makinoi (Add)
Platanthera mandarinorum (Add)
Platanthera mannii (Add)
Platanthera manubriata (Add)
Platanthera marginata (Add)
Platanthera matsudai (Add)
Platanthera matsumurana (Add)
Platanthera maximowicziana (Add)
Platanthera mearnsii (Add)
Platanthera menziesii (Add)
Platanthera metabifolia (Add)
Platanthera michaelii (Add)
Platanthera michauxii (Add)
Platanthera micrantha (Add)
Platanthera minax (Add)
Platanthera minor (Add)
Platanthera minutiflora (Add)
Platanthera monorrhiza (Add)
Platanthera montana (Add)
Platanthera multibracteata (Add)
Platanthera nankotaizanensis (Add)
Platanthera natalensis (Add)
Platanthera neglecta (Add)
Platanthera nematocaulon (Add)
Platanthera neuropetala (Add)
Platanthera nipponica (Add)
Platanthera nivea (Add)
Platanthera nubigena (Add)
Platanthera obcordata (Add)
Platanthera obtusata (Add)
Platanthera okuboi (Add)
Platanthera oligantha (Add)
Platanthera omeiensis (Add)
Platanthera ophiocephala (Add)
Platanthera ophrydioides (Add)
Platanthera opsimantha (Add)
Platanthera orbiculata (Add)
Platanthera orchidis (Add)
Platanthera oreades (Add)
Platanthera oreophila (Add)
Platanthera ovata (Add)
Platanthera pachyglossa (Add)
Platanthera pallida (Add)
Platanthera papuana (Add)
Platanthera parvula (Add)
Platanthera peichiatieniana (Add)
Platanthera peramoena (Add)
Platanthera pervia (Add)
Platanthera petitiana (Add)
Platanthera platantheroides (Add)
Platanthera platycorys (Add)
Platanthera praeclara (Add)
Platanthera praeustipetala (Add)
Platanthera preussii (Add)
Platanthera psycodes (Add)
Platanthera pugionifera (Add)
Platanthera purpurascens (Add)
Platanthera quartiniana (Add)
Platanthera quercicola (Add)
Platanthera radiata (Add)
Platanthera reinii (Add)
Platanthera repens (Add)
Platanthera replicata (Add)
Platanthera rhodostachys (Add)
Platanthera rhynchocarpa (Add)
Platanthera robinsonii (Add)
Platanthera robusta (Add)
Platanthera roseotincta (Add)
Platanthera rostrata (Add)
Platanthera rotundifolia (Add)
Platanthera rumphii (Add)
Platanthera saccata (Add)
Platanthera sachalinensis (Add)
Platanthera saprophytica (Add)
Platanthera satyrioides (Add)
Platanthera satyroides (Add)
Platanthera schischmareffiana (Add)
Platanthera schuriana (Add)
Platanthera setchuenica (Add)
Platanthera shensiana (Add)
Platanthera sigeyosii (Add)
Platanthera sigmoidea (Add)
Platanthera sikkimensis (Add)
Platanthera silaensis (Add)
Platanthera sinica (Add)
Platanthera solstitialis (Add)
Platanthera sonoharai (Add)
Platanthera sororia (Add)
Platanthera souliei (Add)
Platanthera sparsiflora (Add)
Platanthera stapfii (Add)
Platanthera stenantha (Add)
Platanthera stenoglossa (Add)
Platanthera stenophylla (Add)
Platanthera stenosepala (Add)
Platanthera stenostachya (Add)
Platanthera stricta (Add)
Platanthera subalpina (Add)
Platanthera subulifera (Add)
Platanthera sumatrana (Add)
Platanthera susannae (Add)
Platanthera takedae (Add)
Platanthera takedai (Add)
Platanthera tenuior (Add)
Platanthera tipuloides (Add)
Platanthera transnokoensis (Add)
Platanthera transversa (Add)
Platanthera tricruris (Add)
Platanthera tridentata (Add)
Platanthera triflora (Add)
Platanthera truncatolabellata (Add)
Platanthera unalascensis (Add)
Platanthera unalaschkensis (Add)
Platanthera uncata (Add)
Platanthera undulata (Add)
Platanthera uniflora (Add)
Platanthera uniformis (Add)
Platanthera ussuriensis (Add)
Platanthera uzenensis (Add)
Platanthera virescens (Add)
Platanthera virginea (Add)
Platanthera viricimaculata (Add)
Platanthera viridis (Add)
Platanthera volkensiana (Add)
Platanthera vulcanica (Add)
Platanthera wankelii (Add)
Platanthera winkleriana (Add)
Platanthera yadonii (Add)
Platanthera yakumontana (Add)
Platanthera yangmeiensis (Add)
Platanthera yatabei (Add)
Platanthera zeyheri (Add)
Platanthera zothecina (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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