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Mimosa pudica

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Mimosa aculeaticarpa (Add)
Mimosa acutistipula (Add)
Mimosa adpressa (Add)
Mimosa affinis (Add)
Mimosa albida (Add)
Mimosa arenosa (Add)
Mimosa artemisiana (Add)
Mimosa asperata (Add)
Mimosa bahamensis (Add)
Mimosa bimucronata (Add)
Mimosa blanchettii (Add)
Mimosa brachycarpa (Add)
Mimosa caesalpiniifolia (Add)
Mimosa calodendron (Add)
Mimosa camporum (Add)
Mimosa casta (Add)
Mimosa ceratonia (Add)
Mimosa debilis (Add)
Mimosa diplotricha (Add)
Mimosa distachya (Add)
Mimosa distans (Add)
Mimosa dolens (Add)
Mimosa dormiens (Add)
Mimosa dysocarpa (Add)
Mimosa emoryana (Add)
Mimosa ephedroides (Add)
Mimosa farinosa (Add)
Mimosa filipes (Add)
Mimosa flagellaris (Add)
Mimosa flocculosa (Add)
Mimosa grahamii (Add)
Mimosa guilandinae (Add)
Mimosa hamata (Add)
Mimosa incana (Add)
Mimosa invisa (Add)
Mimosa laticifera (Add)
Mimosa luisana (Add)
Mimosa malacophylla (Add)
Mimosa mensicola (Add)
Mimosa myriadena (Add)
Mimosa nuda (Add)
Mimosa ophthalmocentra (Add)
Mimosa orthocarpa (Add)
Mimosa palmeri (Add)
Mimosa pellita (Add)
Mimosa pigra (Add)
Mimosa polyantha (Add)
Mimosa polycarpa (Add)
Mimosa polydactyla (Add)
Mimosa pudica

Mimosa quadrivalvis (Add)
Mimosa ramulosa (Add)
Mimosa rubicaulis (Add)
Mimosa rufescens (Add)
Mimosa scabrella (Add)
Mimosa schomburgkii (Add)
Mimosa sensibilis (Add)
Mimosa sensitiva (Add)
Mimosa skinneri (Add)
Mimosa somnians (Add)
Mimosa strigillosa (Add)
Mimosa tenuiflora (Add)
Mimosa tricephala (Add)
Mimosa uliginosa (Add)
Mimosa uraguensis (Add)
Mimosa velloziana (Add)
Mimosa verrucosa (Add)
Mimosa xanthocentra (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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