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Fam. Rubiaceae -->


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Coffea subg. Baracoffea (Add)
Coffea ambongensis (Add)
Coffea bissetiae (Add)
Coffea boinensis (Add)
Coffea decaryana (Add)
Coffea grevei (Add)
Coffea humbertii (Add)
Coffea labatii (Add)
Coffea pterocarpa (Add)
Coffea subg. Coffea (Add)
Coffea abbayesii (Add)
Coffea affinis (Add)
Coffea alleizettii (Add)
Coffea ambanjensis (Add)
Coffea andrambovatensis (Add)
Coffea ankaranensis (Add)
Coffea arabica (Add)
Coffea arenesiana (Add)
Coffea augagneuri (Add)
Coffea bakossii (Add)
Coffea bertrandii (Add)
Coffea betamponensis (Add)
Coffea boiviniana (Add)
Coffea bonnieri (Add)
Coffea brevipes (Add)
Coffea bridsoniae (Add)
Coffea buxifolia (Add)
Coffea canephora (Add)
Coffea carrissoi (Add)
Coffea commersoniana (Add)
Coffea congensis (Add)
Coffea costatifructa (Add)
Coffea coursiana (Add)
Coffea dactylifera (Add)
Coffea dubardii (Add)
Coffea eugenioides (Add)
Coffea fadenii (Add)
Coffea farafanganensis (Add)
Coffea fotsoana (Add)
Coffea fragilis (Add)
Coffea gallienii (Add)
Coffea heimii (Add)
Coffea heterocalyx (Add)
Coffea homollei (Add)
Coffea humblotiana (Add)
Coffea humilis (Add)
Coffea jumellei (Add)
Coffea kapakata (Add)
Coffea kianjavatensis (Add)
Coffea kihansiensis (Add)
Coffea kimbozensis (Add)
Coffea kivuensis (Add)
Coffea lancifolia (Add)
Coffea leonimontana (Add)
Coffea leroyi (Add)
Coffea liaudii (Add)
Coffea liberica (Add)
Coffea ligustroides (Add)
Coffea littoralis (Add)
Coffea lulandoensis (Add)
Coffea macrocarpa (Add)
Coffea magnistipula (Add)
Coffea mangoroensis (Add)
Coffea manombensis (Add)
Coffea mauritiana (Add)
Coffea mayombensis (Add)
Coffea mcphersonii (Add)
Coffea millotii (Add)
Coffea minutiflora (Add)
Coffea mogenetii (Add)
Coffea mongensis (Add)
Coffea montekupensis (Add)
Coffea montis-sacri (Add)
Coffea moratii (Add)
Coffea mufindiensis (Add)
Coffea myrtifolia (Add)
Coffea perrieri (Add)
Coffea pervilleana (Add)
Coffea pocsii (Add)
Coffea pseudozanguebariae (Add)
Coffea racemosa (Add)
Coffea rakotonasoloi (Add)
Coffea ratsimamangae (Add)
Coffea resinosa (Add)
Coffea rhamnifolia (Add)
Coffea richardii (Add)
Coffea sahafaryensis (Add)
Coffea sakarahae (Add)
Coffea salvatrix (Add)
Coffea sambavensis (Add)
Coffea schliebenii (Add)
Coffea sessiliflora (Add)
Coffea stenophylla (Add)
Coffea tetragona (Add)
Coffea togoensis (Add)
Coffea tricalysioides (Add)
Coffea tsirananae (Add)
Coffea vatovavyensis (Add)
Coffea vavateninensis (Add)
Coffea vianneyi (Add)
Coffea vohemarensis (Add)
Coffea zanguebariae (Add)

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