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Fam. Fabaceae --> Faboideae --> Aeschynomeneae --> Stylosanthinae -->


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Arachis sect. Arachis (Add)
Arachis batizocoi (Add)
Arachis benensis (Add)
Arachis cardenasii (Add)
Arachis correntina (Add)
Arachis cruziana (Add)
Arachis decora (Add)
Arachis diogoi (Add)
Arachis duranensis (Add)
Arachis glandulifera (Add)
Arachis gregoryi (Add)
Arachis helodes (Add)
Arachis herzogii (Add)
Arachis hoehnei (Add)
Peanut, Arachis hypogaea (Add)
Arachis ipaensis (Add)
Arachis kempff-mercadoi (Add)
Arachis krapovickasii (Add)
Arachis kuhlmannii (Add)
Arachis linearifolia (Add)
Arachis magna (Add)
Arachis microsperma (Add)
Arachis monticola (Add)
Arachis palustris (Add)
Arachis praecox (Add)
Arachis schininii (Add)
Arachis simpsonii (Add)
Arachis stenosperma (Add)
Arachis trinitensis (Add)
Arachis valida (Add)
Arachis villosa (Add)
Arachis williamsii (Add)
Arachis sect. Caulorrhizae (Add)
Arachis pintoi (Add)
Arachis repens (Add)
Arachis sect. Erectoides (Add)
Arachis archeri (Add)
Arachis benthamii (Add)
Arachis brevipetiolata (Add)
Arachis cryptopotamica (Add)
Arachis douradiana (Add)
Arachis gracilis (Add)
Arachis hatschbachii (Add)
Arachis hermannii (Add)
Arachis major (Add)
Arachis martii (Add)
Arachis oteroi (Add)
Arachis paraguariensis (Add)
Arachis porphyrocalyx (Add)
Arachis stenophylla (Add)
Arachis sect. Extranervosae (Add)
Arachis burchellii (Add)
Arachis lutescens (Add)
Arachis macedoi (Add)
Arachis marginata (Add)
Arachis pietrarellii (Add)
Arachis prostrata (Add)
Arachis retusa (Add)
Arachis setinervosa (Add)
Arachis submarginata (Add)
Arachis villosulicarpa (Add)
Arachis sect. Heteranthae (Add)
Arachis dardanoi (Add)
Arachis giacomettii (Add)
Arachis interrupta (Add)
Arachis pusilla (Add)
Arachis seridoensis (Add)
Arachis sylvestris (Add)
Arachis sect. Procumbentes (Add)
Arachis appressipila (Add)
Arachis chiquitana (Add)
Arachis hassleri (Add)
Arachis kretschmeri (Add)
Arachis lignosa (Add)
Arachis matiensis (Add)
Arachis pflugeae (Add)
Arachis rigonii (Add)
Arachis subcoriacea (Add)
Arachis vallsii (Add)
Arachis sect. Rhizomatosae (Add)
Arachis burkartii (Add)
Arachis glabrata (Add)
Arachis hagenbeckii (Add)
Arachis nitida (Add)
Arachis pseudovillosa (Add)
Arachis sect. Trierectoides (Add)
Arachis guaranitica (Add)
Arachis tuberosa (Add)
Arachis sect. Triseminatae (Add)
Arachis triseminata (Add)

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