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Cytisus aeolicus (Add)
Cytisus agnipilus (Add)
Cytisus albidus (Add)
Cytisus albus (Add)
Cytisus arboreus (Add)
Cytisus ardoini (Add)
Cytisus austriacus (Add)
Cytisus balansae (Add)
Cytisus blockianus (Add)
Cytisus borysthenicus (Add)
Cytisus cantabricus (Add)
Cytisus cassius (Add)
Cytisus commutatus (Add)
Cytisus creticus (Add)
Cytisus decumbens (Add)
Cytisus drepanolobus (Add)
Cytisus emeriflorus (Add)
Cytisus eriocarpus (Add)
Cytisus fontanesii (Add)
Cytisus galianoi (Add)
Cytisus grandiflorus (Add)
Cytisus graniticus (Add)
Cytisus heterochrous (Add)
Cytisus hirsutus (Add)
Cytisus infestus (Add)
Cytisus jankae (Add)
Cytisus kovacevii (Add)
Cytisus lanigerus (Add)
Cytisus lasiosemius (Add)
Cytisus leiocarpus (Add)
Cytisus lotoides (Add)
Cytisus malacitanus (Add)
Cytisus megalanthus (Add)
Cytisus multiflorus (Add)
Cytisus neiceffii (Add)
Cytisus nigricans (Add)
Cytisus orientalis (Add)
Cytisus oromediterraneus (Add)
Cytisus paczoskii (Add)
Cytisus podolicus (Add)
Cytisus procumbens (Add)
Cytisus proliferus (Add)
Cytisus pseudoprocumbens (Add)
Cytisus pulvinatus (Add)
Cytisus purpureus (Add)
Cytisus ratisbonensis (Add)
Cytisus rigidus (Add)
Cytisus ruthenicus (Add)
Cytisus sauzeanus (Add)
Cytisus scoparius (Add)
Cytisus spinescens (Add)
Cytisus spinosus (Add)
Cytisus striatus (Add)
Cytisus tommasinii (Add)
Cytisus transiens (Add)
Cytisus triflorus (Add)
Cytisus valdesii (Add)
Cytisus villosus (Add)
Cytisus wulfii (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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