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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> fabids (eurosids I) --> Ord. Rosales --> Fam. Rosaceae --> Spiraeoideae -->


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Gen. Aruncus (Add)
Aruncus aethusifolius (Add)
Aruncus dioicus (Add)
Aruncus gombalanus (Add)
Gen. Holodiscus (Add)
Holodiscus discolor (Add)
Holodiscus dumosus (Add)
Gen. Kelseya (Add)
Gen. Luetkea (Add)
Luetkea pectinata (Add)
Gen. Petrophytum (Add)
Petrophytum acuminatum (Add)
Petrophytum caespitosum (Add)
Petrophytum cinerascens (Add)
Petrophytum hendersonii (Add)
Gen. Sibiraea (Add)
Sibiraea laevigata (Add)
Gen. Spiraea (Add)
Spiraea affinis (Add)
Spiraea alaskaense (Add)
Spiraea alba (Add)
Spiraea albiflora (Add)
Spiraea alpina (Add)
Spiraea anomala (Add)
Spiraea aquilegiifolia (Add)
Spiraea arcuata (Add)
Spiraea arguta

Spiraea bella (Add)
Spiraea betulifolia (Add)
Spiraea billardii (Add)
Spiraea blanda (Add)
Spiraea blumei (Add)
Spiraea brachybotrys (Add)
Spiraea calcicola (Add)
Spiraea canescens (Add)
Spiraea cantoniensis (Add)
Spiraea cavaleriei (Add)
Spiraea chamaedryfolia (Add)
Spiraea chinensis (Add)
Spiraea cinerea (Add)
Spiraea compsophylla (Add)
Spiraea conspicua (Add)
Spiraea corymbosa (Add)
Spiraea crenata (Add)
Spiraea dahurica (Add)
Spiraea daochengensis (Add)
Spiraea dasyantha (Add)
Spiraea decumbens (Add)
Spiraea douglasii (Add)
Spiraea elegans (Add)
Spiraea flexuosa (Add)
Spiraea fontenaysii (Add)
Spiraea formosana (Add)
Spiraea foxii (Add)
Spiraea fritschiana (Add)
Spiraea gemmata (Add)
Spiraea gieseleriana (Add)
Spiraea hailarensis (Add)
Spiraea hayatana (Add)
Spiraea henryi (Add)
Spiraea hingshanensis (Add)
Spiraea hirsuta (Add)
Spiraea hypericifolia (Add)
Spiraea japonica (Add)
Spiraea kwangsiensis (Add)
Spiraea kweichowensis (Add)
Spiraea laeta (Add)
Spiraea lichiangensis (Add)
Spiraea lobulata (Add)
Spiraea longigemmis (Add)
Spiraea lucida (Add)
Spiraea macrothyrsa (Add)
Spiraea martini (Add)
Spiraea media (Add)
Spiraea micrantha (Add)
Spiraea miyabei (Add)
Spiraea mollifolia (Add)
Spiraea mongolica (Add)
Spiraea morrisonicola (Add)
Spiraea muliensis (Add)
Spiraea multiflora (Add)
Spiraea myrtilloides (Add)
Spiraea ningshiaensis (Add)
Spiraea nipponica (Add)
Spiraea nishimurae (Add)
Spiraea notha (Add)
Spiraea nudiflora (Add)
Spiraea ovalis (Add)
Spiraea papillosa (Add)
Spiraea pikoviensis (Add)
Spiraea prostrata (Add)
Spiraea prunifolia (Add)
Spiraea pubescens (Add)
Spiraea purpurea (Add)
Spiraea pyramidata (Add)
Spiraea revirescens (Add)
Spiraea rosthornii (Add)
Spiraea rubella (Add)
Spiraea salicifolia (Add)
Spiraea sanssouciana (Add)
Spiraea sargentiana (Add)
Spiraea schinabeckii (Add)
Spiraea schneideriana (Add)
Spiraea schochiana (Add)
Spiraea semperflorens (Add)
Spiraea sericea (Add)
Spiraea siccanea (Add)
Spiraea stevenii (Add)
Spiraea sublobata (Add)
Spiraea tarokoensis (Add)
Spiraea teniana (Add)
Spiraea teretiuscula (Add)
Spiraea thunbergii (Add)
Spiraea tomentosa (Add)
Spiraea trichocarpa (Add)
Spiraea trilobata (Add)
Spiraea uratensis (Add)
Spiraea vacciniifolia (Add)
Spiraea vanhouttei (Add)
Spiraea veitchii (Add)
Spiraea velutina (Add)
Spiraea virginiana (Add)
Spiraea watsoniana (Add)
Spiraea wilsonii (Add)
Spiraea xizangensis (Add)
Spiraea yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Xerospiraea (Add)

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