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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> fabids (eurosids I) --> Ord. Rosales --> Fam. Rosaceae --> Rosoideae --> Potentilleae -->


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Gen. Alchemilla (Add)
Alchemilla alpina (Add)
Alchemilla ancerensis (Add)
Alchemilla ayderensis (Add)
Alchemilla basakii (Add)
Alchemilla caucasica (Add)
Alchemilla chlorosericea (Add)
Alchemilla cimilensis (Add)
Alchemilla conjuncta (Add)
Alchemilla elevitensis (Add)
Alchemilla ellenbergiana (Add)
Alchemilla erythropoda (Add)
Alchemilla filicaulis (Add)
Alchemilla haraldii (Add)
Alchemilla hemsinica (Add)
Alchemilla ikizdereensis (Add)
Alchemilla kackarensis (Add)
Alchemilla mollis (Add)
Alchemilla monticola (Add)
Alchemilla orbiculata (Add)
Alchemilla ovitensis (Add)
Alchemilla oxysepala (Add)
Alchemilla pseudocartalinica (Add)
Alchemilla retinervis (Add)
Alchemilla rizensis (Add)
Alchemilla sericata (Add)
Alchemilla sericea (Add)
Alchemilla splendens (Add)
Alchemilla subcrenata (Add)
Alchemilla transcaucasica (Add)
Alchemilla venosa (Add)
Alchemilla vulgaris (Add)
Alchemilla xanthochlora (Add)
Gen. Aphanes (Add)
Aphanes arvensis (Add)
Aphanes microcarpa (Add)
Gen. Chamaerhodos (Add)
Gen. Comarum (Add)
Comarum palustre (Potentilla palustris) (Add)
Gen. Dasiphora (Add)
Dasiphora arbuscula (Add)
Dasiphora davurica (Add)
Dasiphora fruticosa

Dasiphora parvifolia (Add)
Gen. Drymocallis (Add)
Drymocallis arguta (Add)
Drymocallis glandulosa (Add)
Drymocallis rupestris (Add)
Gen. Fragaria
Fragaria ananassa (Add)
Fragaria chiloensis (Add)
Fragaria daltoniana (Add)
Fragaria gracilis (Add)
Fragaria hayatae (Add)
Fragaria iinumae (Add)
Fragaria iturupensis (Add)
Fragaria mandschurica (Add)
Fragaria moschata (Add)
Fragaria moupinensis (Add)
Fragaria nilgerrensis (Add)
Fragaria nipponica (Add)
Fragaria nubicola (Add)
Fragaria orientalis (Add)
Fragaria pentaphylla (Add)
Fragaria tibetica (Add)
Fragaria vesca

Fragaria virginiana (Add)
Fragaria viridis (Add)
Gen. Sibbaldia (Add)
Sibbaldia adpressa (Add)
Sibbaldia cuneata (Add)
Sibbaldia cuneifolia (Add)
Sibbaldia emodi (Add)
Sibbaldia micropetala (Add)
Sibbaldia miyabei (Add)
Sibbaldia omeiensis (Add)
Sibbaldia parviflora (Add)
Sibbaldia pentaphylla (Add)
Sibbaldia perpusilloides (Add)
Sibbaldia phanerophlebia (Add)
Sibbaldia procumbens (Add)
Sibbaldia purpurea (Add)
Sibbaldia sericea (Add)
Sibbaldia sikkimensis (Add)
Sibbaldia tenuis (Add)
Sibbaldia tetrandra (Add)
Sibbaldia tridentata (Add)

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